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"You dumb@ss. That only thing that can keep them away is fire and bullets. They don't care about cleanliness. They attacked the cleanest room in the ship, a place where all bacteria was dead from the heat and electricity." Keira responds.
"Well better to be healthy and not sick than to be sick. Would be bad to have caught something AND be stuck on a ship filled with monsters."
Sol had smiled as she had seen the ventilation shafts above her head, it should take Sol straight towards the other survivors if... She takes the correct turn. Analyzing the schematics shouldn't take to long though.
OOC: Markus. Waiting. On. You.
Listening to Reavis' story, I chuckle, shaking my head. "We all know how you're a killer with the ladies, Reavis, we don't need to hear another story." He laughs nodding and returning to his drink. Just then, my comm beeped.

{1st Sergeant Jake Hunter, report to the Command Center. All other Sparta's Ghosts are to suit up and return to the hangar.} I sigh, shaking my head. Figures that they won't actually give us down time. Standing up, I leave credits to pay for the bill.

"Suit up, Ghosts, we have another mission." They all nod and leave the bar, letting their buddies know all around the bar. I leave and head to the elevator, taking my time to get there. I wasn't in a hurry to risk my own @ss.
Sorry Koro, didn't realize you were waiting on me!


William put the needler to the man's head. He held back a scream when he put his hand on Will's chest. William didn't respond to his questions, he just slowly backed away, not moving his aim.
Around me was a troop squad from the Confederacy. This was all they could spare, five marines, two Medics, and a Firebat. I wasn't complaining, I never do. I am surprised that they give a mining ship some notice. They would be too busy trying to save itself.
Then why are you with them? The thought came. I almost wondered if my neural implant was malfunctioning. Strange.
"Look kid.-" I stop myself seeing as he is ready to shoot if startled. I teek the gun away with enough force the he can't even catch it. I then pin him to the wall. "Answer me, or I'll make sure you wish this thing had killed you..." I say holding my knife to his face, and my rifle still behind my head.
Reaching the top floor in the elevator, I sigh and step off, heading to the Command Center. Bloody hell...not even our down time gets respected anymore. Reaching the Command Center, I go straight to the Commander's office, walking in and offering a curt salute. "First Sergeant Jake Hunter reporting." The Commander looked up at me and and returns the salute.

"At ease, Sergeant. Glad to see you're ready to go. I have a mission for you."

"Whats the mission, sir?"

"We lost contact with the mining ship The Scavenger 24 hours ago and have been unable to reestablish it. I'm sending your team in as part of an investigation force, but also as part of a rescue team. If the Umojans or Kels are behind this, then we need to get our men out of there."

"Understood sir. Who else will be going?"

"I'll send you a list within the hour. Dismissed." I salute the Commander again and then leave. A low intel mission? That's never good, especially where rescue teams are involved... is how my train of thought starts as I walk to the hanger and it only continues to ask more questions the closer to my squad I get. Reaching the hangar, I look over the bustling unit. Lord be with those who may die in the up coming fire fight.
William struggled at first, then gave in.

"You're the only human I've seen so far!" He yelled, "Assuming you are still right in the mind, threatening another human in a time like this." He added with a look of disgust. This man was either infested, insane, or just as paranoid as he was.
FYI, you don't know what infested is yet.
"I asked you a question, you refused to answer. I am a paranoid man, and the situation of the ship being silent and attacked by xenos makes it worse, not to mention you're aiming a gun at 'only human I've seen so far'. Get your gun. We might run into some more crazies. I'm going to find some others." I say walking towards the Armory.
William hesitates, then grabs his gun off the floor. He didn't remove his eyes from the man at all times.

"What;s your name?"


I.... Good point... You're right :P
Just pointing it out.
"I go by Korozain. Nice to meet you Willam." I say flipping my knife 3 ways then closing and holstering it and extending a hand.
"How do you know my name?" He asked, waiting to shake his hand until he revealed how he knew his name.
"I take it you've never spoken to a Ghost before." I say keeping my hand out
William freezes, then examines Koro from head to tow. "Nice to meet you." He finally said, shaking his hand.

"Lead the way, Korozain."
I finally started looking for the other units, and I could only see my team, though according to the list a ghost team would be arriving shortly and then a couple firebat and medic teams would be arriving behind them. I look around and spot my team over by our drop ship, Leonidas, and approach to give the briefing of what I knew. As I finished it up, one of our troops asked, "Sir, do they have any guesses as to why the ship went dark?" I chuckle and reply,

"Most likely magnetic interference in the system they ended up in. Nothing too dangerous, though the Sons of Korhal are suspected of having a hand in it."

"So we may get to smash some rebel skulls?"

"That's an affirmative. Now load up ladies, we need to ship out." They all salute smartly and quickly gather their gear and load up. I follow behind and make sure everyone has their gear and give the pilot the last known coordinates for the Scavenger and settle in for a long flight. I sat near the pilot's area and sighed. Just hope we're not too late...

OOC: Koro, I think you can guess how big the drop ship is, so we can have some of the scenarios from the last time depending on how we do this. There's no Anderson this time though so...yeah.
OOC: Is their any way Zerg can get into the armory???

IC: I the pull out my industrial grade sonic cleaner (think of a power washer wth sonic waves) and started to blast the nasty dirt into nothing. "Gahh people are dirtier than animals and yet we criticize them!!' I think to myself as I destroyed the dirt.

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