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OOC: Maybe. And I do Zarkun, and Anderson gone will suck.

IC: I move towards the armory. "Need to stock up on some ammo and other things first." As I walk around the corridor, I see purple goo everywhere on the floor, and a few crazies and some lizard things.
I look at the Mining Ship from some distance away. The only ship that could drop us off, an old warhorse named the Belmont, was the reason why I could see it. I frowned to myself, and remember the last detail that the man briefing me said.
There is a Ghost on board the ship. I hear his voice ringing. I nodded, knowing that it must be part of the mission to get him out. I wasn't told who, but for the most part, I didn't care much for the others, only for myself. Being raised alone in the slums of Tarsonis teaches you things that help quite well in any combat scenario.
As we fly towards the ship, I turn to Reavis. "What do you think? Think the Sons of Korhal are really behind this?" Reavis looks at me a shrugs.

"Does it really matter? We're gonna get there, find the problem, find the solution, and get the hell out." I sigh, but push on.

"You make a good point, but what have you heard about the other ships? What the scrap crews are telling everyone?"

"Well" Reavis pauses, then decides to deflect the question. "Damnit! We're soldiers! Not scientists! It's not our job to think."

"It's not your job to think and maybe its not my job to think that much, but from what I've heard, this is what happened on the other 14 ships. Only faster. Now, I have an entire squad to think about, and that includes you." I sigh and shake my head, "Maybe I am over thinking this, but we weren't given much information. And that never sits right with me." I turn to the pilot and ask, "How much longer till we get to those coordinates?"

"Few more hours. It's near major travel lanes, but the planet isn't as close as I thought."

"Alright," I turn back to Reavis, "Go tell the men to get comfy. This is gonna take awhile."

Reavis turns around to address the men. The were a rough bunch, but he'd been in combat with most of them before. They can hold their own. The marine in all red armor and a white face plate was Jenkins, he carried a modified C-14 Gauss Rifle, that could pump out 50 rounds a second, 30 being the average, and even at that rate, fully automatic was not advised. He wasn't exactly a pot shot, but he could rain bullets down on the enemy like a hail storm from hell.

The rest wore of them wore standard issue armor and weapons, but Reavis could tell them apart by decals they had on their armor.

One firebat, Jack, had a flaming skull on his left shoulder. A marine, Jefferson, had a silhouette of a curvy woman on his right shoulder plate. Some others had demons, numbers, and even their own name.

"Alright men." Reavis wasn't much higher rank the the rest but they seemed to respect him. "It may be a while before we reach our destination, so if anyone needs a potty break- You better damn hold it." Some of the men responded with laughter, others shrugged it off.
William followed him and when he saw the crazed people and reptile like creatures. He leveled his gun and shakily put the closest beast in his sights. Pulling the trigger several times, William lowered the gun just enough to see if it did any damage.
He hit many of them, no kills. I bring up my knife and holster my rifle on my back. "Watch, and you may learn."

I cloak and charge into the confused crowd of creatures and slice, running through and using my psionic energy to make my blade deadlier, strikes quicker, and more powerful. I cut through them with ease, their torn corpses lay on the corrupted ground, some even lie in pieces.

I re-appear then tap on the door with the handle of my knife.
"Anyone inside want to open up?"
OOC: In the armory??? Sure
In the armory, one of the vents busts open, some of the purple goo starts to grow from it. It drops on the ground, but doesn't spread.
William lowers his gun and frowns. "So, if you were to get infested, how could I stop you?" He asked with a slight quiver.
IC: I run away wonder what to do while I hide in a cornor and bite my nails hoping someone could do something.
Keira suits up quickly and stomps over to the goo. I start to burn it away with intense heat of my flames. I hear the tapping and go over to the door. "Who are you?"
The Team and I take a drop-ship to the Mining Ship. We sat in silence, the firebat checking his nozzles, the Marines and Medics checking their gear, and I scan the entire ship with my mind, seeing what all is waiting for us there. I stop after a bit, frustrated by the minds of those in there, for they had only the desire to kill and consume.
I plook out from my hiding spot and breath in relief and I feel a wave of tiredness fall over me. And I head over to the small area that was my designated sleep spot.
I laugh at Reavis's joke and then receive a beeping in my helmet, indicating an incoming message. "Be right back, Reavis. Keep them in line." I step inside the conference room and close the door. I proceed to answer the message. "1st sergeant Hunter. Go ahead, Command."

The commander laughs and then says seriously, "Your investigation just turned into a rescue mission. A passing freighter got a good look at the seemingly derelict ship and saw some strange looking creatures crawling on it. We want you to find survivors and kill anything not human on that ship. Bring back samples if you can."

"Copy that, sir. Anything else I should know?"

"There's rumors of strange alien ships investigating the area as well. Watch out for them."

"Yes, sir." I close the channel and call in Reavis. "I have some news from Command."

Reavis turned back to his Sergeant. Command generally didn't give good news.
He opened the COM frequency.
"I'm guessing it's not a promotion?"

I laugh at Reavis' joke, "No, unfortunately. This investigation just became a rescue mission. I guess a passing cargo freighter got a good look at our ship and saw some strange creatures all over the hull. Have the firebats be prepared to cook us a path to the bridge. We'll look there first. Tell the squad as of right now we're on code blue alert level. We'll go to code red once we touch down." I leave the conference room and approach the pilot. "ETA?"

"Two minutes sir. Prep your men for touch down. LZ is smoking hot so pick two men to keep those things out of my ship." I laugh reassuringly,

"We'll keep them back. Just get back in the air as fast as possible. Reavis, prep the men, touch down in 60 seconds." I grab my gear and head towards the loading door. I hope we're not dealing with what those salvage teams described...

He shifted uneasily inside his suit "Sir." He opened the Squad COM. "Alright girls, this is no longer an inspection, so ditch those forensic kits and grab your rifles. We're touching down now and we're touching down hot. Speaking of hot- I want firebats leading the charge. You see anything that isn't human, I want it medium rare and ready for dinner. You see anything that is is beyond a shadow of a doubt human, you shoot first and ask questions later."

The loading doors open and the firebats turned everything in front of them to scorched flesh. As we moved forward, the....creatures tried flanking us and attacking us from behind, but this wasn't our first rodeo. Anything they tried was met by a solid wall of flame or gunfire. Soon we were in the halls and there was nothing but charred corpses and a strange purple paste around us. "Status report," I say into my com since we all had our visors down. After everyone checked in, I pull Reavis aside to decide the best course of action. "I say we split up. We'll cover more ground but be more exposed. What about you, Reavis?"

Reavis looked around. The ship itself seemed to alive. He didn't like this one bit. "One firebat for every two marines. Let's get moving, who knows how long anyone could survive in this..." He paused. Not knowing the word for the situation. "... Hell..."

"Jack, you're with me and the Sergeant."

I stop. "Hope I don't kill you like the rest of my victims." I say darkly.

"I am Agent X249762K, Confederate Ghost. Who are you?"
I'm surprised you haven't called me out Koro.
OOC: Ugh, I forgot about this might I get to where the others are from the kitchen?
"So you're virtually unstoppable?" William said raising his voice slightly. Korozain's answer didn't satisfy him in the least.
OOC: Im pretty sure there's knifes in the kitchen, the armory is on a lower level than the Armory so... Have fun :)

And Markus, were you talking to the people in the armory or me? Because I was talking to the armory people.

Zarkun, on what?
Go reread my posts and look at the original rework. I'm using a nice convenient trick.

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