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My bad, thought yuo were still talking to me. I'll edit.
Wrote a lot more, and I think... You put some together? (I noticed a lot was the same as well)
IC: "I'm a Ghost, you're a marine. Who's going to win?" I say, also pointing at my long .50 caliber rifle.
I've stolen some of what I'd said before and what Avikon said. Speeding up getting to the others so we're not getting dragged out like last time. It's why I'm posting so far apart.
Makes sense. I noticed you're speaking for Reavis. Not sure if it was just Avikon's not on and you're doing it for him, but now I see.
I don't think he did SIC this time.
"You may be a ghost, but you're still human." William said, mustering all the confidence he could.
"If I become one of them... I'll be worse than I already am." I say.
OOC: umm koro u may wanna check the char thread as I submitted a new character.

IC: I finally fall asleep but it was anything but restless as I started to relive my last night with Jane..

We were running across the purple sludge as it was tugging at our feet as if it wanted us to stay an play with it but we knew better. We soon saw the end of the long mat of sludge and I shouted "Almost there Jane, almost there." As she was about to reply I saw her topple face first into the mat of goo. I turned around and saw what had caused her to trip, the large hand of a dead guard that had died a short time ago and had been subsequently sucked into the mat with only hos hand sticking out. The thick slime was slowly pulling her down and she shouted, "Help me!!!!!" I stuck out my hand for her to grab onto and she grappled it but no matter how much I pulled it was no use and the goo got angrier and soon I would be sucked down or the creatures would soon reach here evident by the increasingly loud chittering. I made the faithful decision that would break my heart and I let go of her hand, kissed her on the cheek and ran.
"And if that happens, how should I go about putting you to rest?" William asks, examining the bodies on the ground.

Just then, the sound of bullets flying through the air rang through the corridors. William perked up.

"What was that?"
I'm going to point out that maybe...just maybe...the sounds of combat would echo throughout the ship.
Yeah... So?
I'd trust someone would go, "That sounds military issued," or something. It's hard to ignore that many gunshots.
Okay :) Edited.
OOC: sorry mecha, I was busy.

IC: "Not sure. Stay here and try to let us in, I'm checkin that out." I cloak and run towards the shots.
Me, Reavis and Jack make good headway as we head towards the bridge. About what I judge to be halfway there, I open a general com channel and say, {Survivors of Scavenger, this is First Sergeant Jake Hunter of the unit Sparta's Ghosts from the assault regiment Hell Raisers. If anyone is still alive to hear this, please respond and give us a location. Use this frequency till otherwise advised.} Jack looks at me quizzically, but keeps going. I turn to Reavis, "Think anyone is still alive to hear that?"

Reavis was skeptical "Have you seen this ship? I don't think we'll even be alive much longer." We keep walking and the Reavis speaks up again. "Sarge, hold up. Do you have the schematics for this ship? We should search locations that people could easily barricade or find supplies, like an armory or office."

Suddenly, he Sparta's Ghosts COM was now flooded with panic words and cries for help as they feel under attack. {What the hell- Ah! Get it off me! Get it o-}

{They're coming from all around! Fall back!}

{My goose is gettin' cooked!}

{Man down! Man down!} Reavis was confused. What horrors could possibly be sulking around on this ship?

I turn off my com and watch in horror as the vitals of almost all the other marines and firebats fail. Within minutes, only myself, Reavis and Jack are left. "I don't know for sure, but as I'm sure you can see for your self, we're all thats left." I take a moment to look at the schematics looking for the armory and any other likely places. "The armory is down two levels. They'll most likely look for somewhere that will have a heavy amount of defensive turrets, like the engineering bay. Anything in there is too important not to protect, not to mention we all know how engineers are about portable turrets. Plus it's only a couple turns away. Let's move, only be extra watchful." We start moving towards the Engineering bay. As we walk, my mind is in turmoil. What the hell are these things? And what the hell is going on here?
"Wait!" I call running after him. Eventually the ripples vanished around the corner. William swore to himself and began to walk back to the door. Just then, the radio buried in his pocket began speaking. Suddenly everything began to make sense. They were the rescue team and they had just discovered the horrors on the ship. William swore again and contemplated what to do. He decided getting into the door was the best option.

Kicking it several times, it finally gave way and opened. William stormed in with his gun and scanned the room.
IC Jane: I feel warmth and I shift about and feel that I am surrounded by a wet blanket and I heard faint voices telling me that I would join them and that their was nothing to fear. I started to settle back down and slowly drift off but then I hear a loud bang and my protection was blown off and I snapped back to conciousness. I look around and realized my "blanket was a cocoon of some kind. I look around to see the cause of the explosion. I soon found out as I saw the gory remains of a marine once imbedded in the goo and I realize a grenade from his belt had gone off. The name of the substance comes on me suddenly, creep, as if I had been told which I realize might be the case as I hear hundreds of faint voices telling me urgently to get back in and that if I don't I might die. However the voices that once comforted me now frightened me and as I went to stand up I knew something was wrong.
Radio, Mecha, not intercom. I don't have access to the intercom.
Is anyone on the other side of the door?

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