The Outbreak: Revived

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My legs felt strange and wobbly and when I looked down I yelped in horror. My legs didn't even look human as they were a purplish color and were bent backwards at the knee like an earth bird. My feet were no longer human as I had two twos in the front of the foot and one in the back, each with a large talon on the end. As I looked around the rest of the body I noticed less dramatic changes such as my hands being tinged a slight purple with claws at the end of my fingers, where my canine teeth were supposed to go I had fangs and a few spikes here and there. I decided to head for the bridge which was close by and after bit of learning I started to walk. As I got near it I heard voices, human voices and I sent out a tentative "Hello to get their attention.
{This 1st Lieuteneant Orin, Ghost Agent X249762K. I read you. There are an unknown amount of survivors located in the armory. I heard the fighting and I am on the way to your position now, Sergeant.} I say on my tactical comm unit and go up a level.

This floor was mainly quarters, no doubt telling from the goo that this would be a cess pool of these things...
Bridge, Mecha, bridge. It's a ship dangit.

IC: I signal a stop and reply. {Lieutenant, good to hear at least one officer survived. However you are aware that SOP states that I have higher authority here as the rescuer, but I will require your guidance.}
{All good. I'm not much of a leader anyways. I don't save lives, I end them. See you there in a minute or two.}

I sneak my way through the growths and cocoons I see around, hoping someone doesn't try to pull a Leeroy Jenkins...
Koro, saying that is begging for trouble...I can't resist.

IC: A wounded marine from Sparta's Ghosts runs through the hallway, shooting the cocoons and growths. "LEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEROOOOOOOOOOOOOOYYYYYYY JEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENKIIIIIIIIINNNNS!" A lizard like thing tackles him at the end of the hall, ending his life.
OOC: That made my day even though its about to end in 40 minutes XD speaking of which, I'm going to go hit the sac...

Then go to bed, see you all tommorow.
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What the... I don't care, I just keep pressing on and hope they don't have any detection. Cocoons start to hatch, more creatures and changed people start to emerge. They wander aimlessly then suddenly, as if just given a task, move up towards the next level.
I walk out of the kitchen, deciding the armory was my best bet. I took several utensils along, and made my way into the halls towards the stairwell.
Some of the goo lies about in the floor, but nothing hostile is seen...

Sol was on the computer, seeing if she could open a connection with command. It may work, or lead her to another target... Wondering if they would send out a Ghost to wipe out her memory?


The dead bodies stirred in the shadows of a Reactor room. It was warm and humid, perfect place for growth and a safety for the cocoons.
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My drop-ship docks in one of the available hangers, and, as usual, we were greeted with a standard welcoming party of the Zerg: Zerglings and a few Infested. The Marines open fire, with the Firebat charging up front.
"Engage the hound-like creatures first." I say, my words heard over the din due to my psionics. The Marines pick them up, and turn their guns to engage the Zerglings.
Koro, is anyone in the armory or wherever I am?
Yes there are several people, and you wouldn't have been able to kick the door over either. It wouldn't be one you turn an knob and open, it would have been a sliding door, reinforced and made of neo-steel.
*sigh* Way to be a pooper scooper ;) How should I get in then?
I'm assuming someone will open it eventually since you've been knocking long enough.
Are there any characters in here? Or just random people?
I know Mecha and SF are in there.
Okay cool. MECHA OR SF... OPEN ZE DOOR!!


William pounded on the door continually. "Open up! I need supplies! Quickly!"

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