The Outbreak: Revived

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IC James: The smashing on the door wakes me up from the dream and I stumble out of the cot and pull it open.

OOC: Zarkie arnt your chars in the bridge???
No, I haven't posted again yet. Waiting on Koro to arrive.
OOC: You are still heading to the Engineerin bay right?????
I finally get passed that hatchery alive, and I go towards the hangars, and decloak.
I continue walking down the hall, wondering if the goop would be good with angel hair.
OOC: Dac, good, but ew. XD

DM: The goo starts to grow, and he see's a crew member walking down the hall, they are looking down.
I remain alert watching for tell tale signs of those poor bastards or the lizard things. {Lieutenant, ETA?}
{I'm 50 meters from the Hangar bay, where are you all?}
How strange.

I assume it's some sort of infected, and quickly drive my butcher's knife deep into it's brain.
"I never liked you anyway." I say, in a thick accent.
OOC: Ummm can I find you guys???

Uhhh Markus
A man rose from the bodies of the dead, he looked normal... Surprisingly, but the tendrils were covering his arms. Something spoke within the compound that was his broken mind...
Kill... Them... All...

Looking around to hear who said that.
{We're about halfway to the engineering bay. Hoping they have some toys for us to steal even if they died.}
The gunfire has stopped but I hear the sound of footsteps and I decide to follow whoever was making them. I noticed that they were heading to the engineering bay. It was useful to actually looked over the map of the ship.
Anyone who can understand me, this is Omicron of the Confederate Ghosts. If you have a radio, frequency Sigma-Kilo-4-8. I am in the hanger bay, and moving to get people out. I send, then nod to the troops. One marine died, but I expected losses in the first place.
We, uh, aren't walking, and most likely aren't near your person anyways. Why don't you go pick on Abyss? Hesa gonna die this time anyways.

IC: {Attention Omnicron, get your Ghost @ss out of my operation. I know why you're really here, and I won't have it.} I sigh and check my ammo. Figures this was some kind of Confederate experiment. Just meant my men were supposed to lure out the survivors so that Ghost could do his job. Well, he could eat my spikes. I look around, noting the skittering sound. "Watch for movement, men. We won't fall."
01/10/2013 04:48 PMPosted by Zarkun
We, uh, aren't walking, and most likely aren't near your person anyways. Why don't you go pick on Abyss? Hesa gonna die this time anyways.
If that's the case.... He's taking someones character with him to the Shadowy Death.
That's why I recommended Mecha's character do it /troll
Mecha's character is infected smart one.... That's what he said.
Partly infested, not fully, meaning she's still free willed.
Still going to kill more than one.... Mecha's not even worth it... Especially if it's free willed right off the bat. But it would be fun to kill her though.

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