The Outbreak: Revived

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I shake my head, resisting the urge to what to telekenetically throw the fool against the wall repeatedly. It was becoming difficult, for the urge was coming over me again after fighting the Zerglings.
{Idiot. I was sent to investigate. Or are you so stupid as to pick a fight with me?} I radio back, annoyance lacing my words, along with a threat.
{You think a Ghost intimidates me? I've beat the sh!t out of Ghosts for reading my mind alone. I know why you're here, otherwise you'd have been sent with the rest of the Ghosts. Get in my way, and I will fill you full of holes.}

OOC: I made a slight adjustment. He's seen a couple different kill team set ups, so he's very untrusting of a unit he wasn't informed of.
IC Jane: Seeing that no one was in the bridge I wander around until I find myself near the reactor room. I sense a, similar prescence, something like me but, elevated. Even though I feel like its a bad idea I at least want to meet someone like me.
His name was Abyss.... A part of the Zerg mind structure. After some messing around a blade of bone came out of his hand.
Kill them all... Kill any who don't join the Swarm.
The voice appeared back into his broken mind...


Sol was working quickly on the computer... If they did send a Ghost, they would surely wipe out her memory. But she was also one of the Confederates best Operatives when it came to loyalty...
{One more of your boastful remarks, Mr. Hunter, and I'll lock your hydraulics in your legs and empty your gun where you stand. I am here to investigate, nothing more, nothing less.} He was pushing me, and it was hard to keep control. I take a breath, attempting to calm myself.
We're in utterly different parts of the ship, my friend.

IC: {Right, and I've only heard that threat three other times. You're all the same. Maybe Lieutenant Korozain will have some character to him.} I cut the channel and wait.
Ok? What does that have to do with the price of tea in China? Or are you forgetting the fact that I'm a Ghost, and I already have a map of the ship. All I need to do is find your team and kick your !@# out the ship with telekenetics.

I sigh at the ignorance of the other team leader. I send out another psionic pulse, another message.
Someone for the love of God get on the radio. Otherwise, I will burn out every mind I find nearby with little regard to who you are. And don't think I won't. The Marines with me glance at one another, but I ignore them.
And Jake has kicked the @ss off of many Ghosts, regardless of powers. Just because you're a bloody Ghost doesn't mean you won't get your @ss kicked.
I make my way to the Engineering Bay, and cloak.
I hear a scream but figure that it's just a survivor who was too late to reach somewhere safe. As we approach the Engineering bay, I notice a large semi-circle of turrets. "Hold up, they might mistake us as enemies." Switching back to the general com channel I say, "This is First Sergeant Jake Hunter of Sparta's Ghosts. If there is anyone alive with in the engineering bay, please deactivate your turrets long enough for us to come in." {We're at the engineering bay, now Lieutenant.}
I continue my way towards the stairwell, clutching my butcher knife. I was ready to kill anything that came my way.
William had his quick draw ready when the door opened. "Whoa! Thank you, thank you!" William said, stepping in and looking around. Then turning back to the man who had opened the door he offered his hand.

"William. You?"
{I'm just around the corner.} I introduce myself with a decloak. "Hello, anyone alive inside?"
I come around the corner and see him, the three of us approaching quickly. "Good to see you alive, sir. Think anyone survived in there?"
Sol heard the sound of a Ghost. Scrambling to find a comm-set that worked correctly. Feeling around on the dead guard she found one, putting it near her right ear, {Hello? I'm not using a radio... I had to search for a simple communication system off of the dead. And don't bother about trying to use the Communication Network on the ship... It was one of the first to go down.}
{About !@#$ing time. Who am I speaking to?} I ask, telekenetically throwing a Zergling into the wall and grinding its bones to dust.
{1stLt. Sol of the Confederate forces... I work directly for the government and my supervisors.} The sounds of the bodies being taken away from outside, or being used in a cocoon.
{How do I know you aren't Infested?} I ask back, more of wondering if this person was official rather than some left-over thing made by the Zerg to confuse me.
IC Jane: I decided to speak to this person and I let out a tentative "Hello." to whoever or whatever was in the reactor room before showing myself.

IC: James: "The name is James, at your servi.... What was that???" I say as I hear a strange sound that sounded familiar but it was distorted by the fact that it came from one of the vents. "Please hold on though shut the door please." I say as I open the vent cover and climb on in.
"What are you doing!?" William asked urgently, punching the button to close the door.

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