The Outbreak: Revived

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OOC: Koro...mind DMing me? Just assume I'm heading towards the armory.
The man you had "killed" earlier slumps toward you, his head hangs off to the side of his head. He is merely a silhouette in the darkness, so you cannot see what he really looks like.
Not getting any response in the Engineering bay, I sigh. "I'll go in first, Lieutenant and see if any ones alive in there." I step forward, unmolested by what I realize to be inactive turrets. "It's all clear. Turrets are deactivated."
"That's as good as it is bad..." I bring up my 2 handguns and go in.
I nod in agreement and signal Jack to guard the doorway while Reavis and I follow the Lieutenant with our weapons at the ready, inside we find...
A decomposing corpse with a few of the infected eating it. They hiss, one crawls on the cealing and virtually disappears in the darkness, one knocks over a shelf as it jumps on it, then pounces upon Jake, the other two charge at us.

I immediately open fire, killing one, and slowing down the other.
Before the one can land on me, I pop out my bayonet and run it through it's head, pulling the trigger and blowing it apart while Reavis guns down the other one. I then start looking for the one that had gotten on the ceiling while noting the various experimental equipment lying around. "Well, at least there are some toys for us."
The one from the ceiling jumps at me, its twisted mouth ready to rend my flesh. I launch a psi-wave at it and it splatters against the wall.

"That there is." I say, panting slightly. "Get a firebat in here. My paranoia is acting up and I would like these bodies burned..." I then go to look at some of the lighter weapons.

I find a high power, experimental SMG. It seems to use electrically charged projectiles. "Damn, they never told me about this..."
I approached a long blue rifle, and look it over while Jack burns the bodies, his eyes loving the site of burning flesh. "Plasma rifle huh...not too bad."
"Hell, I'm taking this bad boy. High Voltage."

I drop one of my pistols and holster this and keep my foot long knife in my hand, just in case.
Shrugging, I grab the rifle and put it on my back, and Jack grabs a container labeled experimental flamethrower mix and does a test burst. Brilliant blue flames shoot out and he grins. "I like that." Reavis just keeps his gun, grabbing some experimental incendiary rounds. I look at the Lieutenant.

"Ready to move when you are."
"I got my goods. I'm ready to go."

{William, whats the status on the Armory?}
I nod and Jack takes point, blue flames on his burners and his eyes alight with a slightly psychotic eagerness. Reavis and I glance at each other and I sigh, tapping Jack's shoulder. "Watch yourself. Aim away from us."
Abyss heard a voice... Saying hello to him? The other voice told him to find the survivor... And kill it. It isn't one of them.
"Alright, we ready to go?" I say priming my new gun.
I nod. "We're all geared up and ready to roll. Unfortunate that the engineers didn't make it. They had the most knowledge of what to use to get off here quicker."
IC James: I look at the man and answer him, "Theirs something up in the vent and it is definately not one of those beasts." With my pistol out in front of me I hop inside of the vent and start crawling through the vents. A terrible stench hits my nose and the sound grows louder and it is more defined. It sounded like "Muragghhhhowww" and crawled through further as I knew that it was no alien.
If you bring in a cat, I'll make sure it accidentally gets fed to the Zerg.
Thinkin' the same thing Zarkun...
OOC: What nooooooooo.

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