Bug Report
I have completed all 30 rounds and have not received achievement or portrait. Will i ever be able to get that? Please help, thank you :)
"blink of an eye" also not giving me the achievement on completion.
I have completed all 30 rounds and have received zero credit. I don't mind doing them again but it never counts.
Is there a problem with the achievement service right now or something.
I did not get the "I'ts so easy" achievement when clearly doing it twice now as well.
Starcraft master stoped counting rounds completed at round 11, i have check marks next to all rounds and it says "victory" at the bottom. also have completed round 8 in under 45 seconds and no achievement givin. :( i willy willy want portrait please and thank you
I did the 25 required to get the portrait but it says the portrait is still locked. Kinda sad because the portrait was the only reason I even did the Starcraft Master thing :/
did you do them in custom game mode? it doesn't work in the other mode.

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