Amnesia: The Darkness Within

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"They're either really confident," Ghoster vanishes and I sheath the great sword on my back, "or we're walking into an ambush." {Copy that, Major. Can you confirm the location of two immortals from my position? They're missing from the patrol we just took out.} Getting static again, I curse. "Alright, let's secure that landing zone."
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"Well that isn't good." I say, before turning to my men.

"You heard him."
I check around for signs of the Immortals and, not seeing them, walk onto the path. "We're clear. You all are better equipped for an LZ securing. I'll proceed to the entrance and ping my location to you."
"Alright." I say, I spot a large open area.

"Move there." I say, and soon a large, flat area is secured without incident.
I move quickly along the path, using the foliage when needed to avoid being spotted. Eventually the static clears up. {Major, can you read me?}
"I read you soldi-what the hell are you doing that far behind enemy lines?"
{Scouting the route to the entrance. LZ is secured already.}
The soldiers stayed around the foliage at the edges of the clearing, ready to pump anything that threatened them full of Gauss rounds.
Five shuttles arrive and land. Two siege tanks roll out and move into position. Marines and marauders take their position on the edge of the cliff overlooking the Protoss below.

The shuttles lift off and begin to move when they are all suddenly shot down by a passing scout. The Tal'darim would soon realize the flank.
{Terance, the Protoss realize we're here.} I say, cursing in anger.
Coming in sight of the ships entrance, I dive into the undergrowth as three Immortals and a High Templar comes out. "Sh!t, that was close." I look it over, noting the two photon cannons in place and the multitude of forces around. {Major, want live feed to what I'm looking at?} I then shift channels. {I saw what happened. You have time. Make sure it's used. I'm pinging you and your squad my location now.} My position pops up on their HUDs.
I tell my squad to follow me, and I begin moving to his position, sticking to the underbrush.
"You are not going to get in. Stay where you are at. We can use the live feed."

Some 15 zealots somewhere in the valley begin to quickly scale the walls to the marines. In the distance the top of the collossi's head is barely seen.
{Copy that.} I activate my helmet cam and link it to what the Major is seeing. {We have any air assets to spare?}
{The skies are still contested. No go. We need to take out their front lines before we can safely approach any closer.}
"Damn..." {We have a small enough squad we can infiltrate and take out their leadership. That might help some.}
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"Damn..." {We have a small enough squad we can infiltrate and take out their leadership. That might help some.}

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