Amnesia: The Darkness Within

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I spin, cutting down another Zealot down and leap up, using their heads to run. {Hope you're in that ship, because I'll be bringing company.}
I tell them to get the guns all set up. They do so, in prime position to ambush anyone chasing Terance.

{We're in the undergrowth, run past and we'll give the Protoss a nasty surprise.}
I pull out a shredder grenade and toss it behind me, speeding up a bit to stay out of the blast radius. The explosion occurs and more Protoss vanish to join the Khala. {Be passing your location in thirty seconds.}
{Roger.} And we sat and waited the thirty seconds, fingers on our triggers...
I go pass the ambush, heading for the entrance to the ship. {They're right behind me, light 'em up.}
The machine gun bursts immediately cut down the majority of the hapless Protoss, and the remainder are wiped out by a second burst. Me and my squad then proceed to follow Terance towards the ship, just sprinting straight for it.
I reach the entrance and start looking for a way to close the doors. There were still more Protoss out there, and they were going to be bringing back up this time, in the form of dragoons and Immortals.
My squad also reaches the entrance, and once more begins setting up a defensive position in case he can't get the doors closed in time.

"Hurry up!" I yell.
"I'm working on it!" I had managed to find the controls, but couldn't get them to work. About the time the first Immortal come into view is when I said, "F*ck it." I slash the controls and the doors slam shut as it fires a volley at us. Sighing in relief, I turn to the others. "Well, now we can get our job done." {Major, this is Terance. We're inside the ship.}
I let out a sigh of relief. My squad all look at each other and utter similar sighs.

"Yes, now we can."
Is there anyone who wants to take part in the space battle between the Dominion or Zerg on either side?

I'll edit this with a plot post.
I have the strangest feeling that this will be over before the Thread is over. :\ And I could have both of my Protoss's join the Space Battle but only one has a ship and it would be best to have them assist nearby teams or lead their own squad to victory... Will post an IC soon.
Is there anyone who wants to take part in the space battle between the Dominion or Zerg on either side?

I'll edit this with a plot post.
I'm not sure that sending a single Carrier against five Leviathans and ten Battlecruisers would be a good idea. I'll IC post for my landing team soon though.
I am currently with the carriers battling the Dominion... anything I need to know?
[Within one of the Great Halls of the Xel'naga Worldship, Tal'darim HQ]

"Commander Telnis! The southeastern entrance has been breached!"

"What? What of our defenses there? They are still there are they not?"

"Yes, they have been pushed back but they have held on steadily. The reports came from the inner defense units."

"Can you give me an image of those intruders?"


[hologram shows up of the action in real time]

"Such a small force has managed to make it past all of our defenses and they are causing this much trouble? How can mere humans do such a thing? ...That is the human with the empyrean fang! No wonder!"

"Your orders?"

"We will bind that human for extraction. That human has an artifact within his body that is of interest to us. The rest have nothing of worth and are disposable."

"Who do we send?"

"I will be enough. Those that are near the humans should follow them but not engage. They will wait until I am there. Keep me updated on their movements."
{Y--r in the --ip? --w? N-v--- m--d t--t. S-- i- --- can -ill their lea----ip. ----al -- br---ing --....

The door is silent as well as the hallways.
{Come again, Major, you're breaking up.} Cursing, I check around us. "Any of you boys have infrared or anything like that?"
12/20/2012 01:38 PMPosted by KnarledOne
I am currently with the carriers battling the Dominion... anything I need to know?

Nah, you're on you are on your carrier just shooting away at terran vikings and such. I'll give you something to do a little later.
The Praetor was ready, that was when she forced her way into the conversation. Artifact? I may have an idea... We use Sundrop to drop him into our mercy and then we can rip it out of him! Then letting him die afterwards.
"No, why?" I ask.
Telnis's mind interfaces with the Praetor.

"Praetor, what is your position and what are you doing? Are you inside the Worldship?"

I was thinking more "micro" space battle than "macro" space battle. I'm hoping for more people so that I don't end up DMing every single major event.

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