Amnesia: The Darkness Within

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"Because I don't really want to move up like this. But it seems we don't have a choice." Summoning Ghoster, I move forward slowly, checking the info I'd copied for where to go. "Their CC is a thousand meters ahead, with at least three patrols of Zealots and High Templars between us and it. You boys ready?"
The Praetor was walking with the Pilot... Formulating a plan that may or may not backfire on them horribly, even if they were to die in order to achieve their goals. Yes, Master... I was specifically awaiting direct orders from you to put placed somewhere... I want to be where I am most wanted and you are the only one that can tell me that.
"Ready as we'll ever be." One of them answers, and I nod in confirmation.
I nod and draw a flare gun, firing it down the hall and letting it light up the area. It finds the patrol and the sudden light blinds them. "Fire!"

The squadron of transports streaks through the frigid air of the planet's northern sky, flying low over the water and ice to avoid detection before making their descent onto a wide, open area between a mountain range. One of the Observers accompanying them scans the ground for stability before they land, and then signals the Shuttles and Warp Prisms that it is safe to land. Upon touching down, the ships disgorge all of their forces onto the rocky ground, with the Observer keeping watch high above them. The other two Observers fly off away from the landing site, to scan for threats and locate a suitably mineral rich location to warp in fixed structures. One of the pilots calls back to the fleet in space, indicating that it is safe to descend.
The shots immediately ring out, striking to Protoss patrol. Several of them drop dead instantly, while the others are stunned and sent reeling. The remained open fire blindly towards us, but are all killed before they manage to hit anything.
"Praetor, head to nearest teleporter and attune the matrices to these coordinates. I will see you there."
"Aeteas, how do you propose we engage the enemies?"
"Praetor, head to nearest teleporter and attune the matrices to these coordinates. I will see you there."
"Aeteas, how do you propose we engage the enemies?"
"Bring the Enesceron into the atmosphere near the landing zone, and then send the fighters to test their defenses, and do some reconnaissance. Observers can't go everywhere after all, and from what they have been broadcasting, the Tal'darim have a large number of Photon Cannons set up as well as a number of other forces. Even Colossi. The Scouts should be able to handle those though, we just need to clear the sky for them to get through. What armaments does your ship have?"
I move up, watching for more patrols. "You'd think someone would have reported us by now."
"The Intrepid is equipped with a cloaking field. It can provide a supporting role in battle but it is mainly a reconnaissance and infiltration ship. We still have the element of surprise. Testing our defenses will blow that element and all the other factions will realize we are here too."
"Yeah, you would. If we walk into an ambush though, then hey, we walk into an ambush."
Yes, Master... Shall I bring the Sundrop as well? Both Praetor and Pilot walked together as they were ready to fight for the Tal'darim as they headed for the Teleporter.
I watch my Zerglings and Roaches join up with the attacking force hitting the north side of the Tal'Darim base. They joined with Ger'kha's Zerglings and Hydralisks, approaching behind them and joining the battle against the Tal'Darim. I had the Roaches focus on the Colossi to get them out of the way, and I order for a forward expansion to be getting ready. I turn, and also order for two Infestors to leave the base, burrowed and moving toward the Tal'Darim's northern section.
"Just a small vial would be enough. Make sure they are grade S."

[Teleportation sound]
I stop at the next junction, and hearing nothing, sprint the last hundred meters to the command center door. "Breaching charges. Now."
I think I'm gonna join as Syclla
OOC: It's a 4 mile long ship and you guys entered through the tail section.... I can work with this.

As Terance is sprinting, a forcefield separates Terance from the others. The mechanical hum of the sentry comes behind from a Protoss warrior of a high rank who is flanked by two guards with different attire from the rest of the zealots. He stops suddenly, as if he knows where the ghoster's range is.

"Terance is it? I applaud you for coming this far but you will go no further. I know your weapon and I assure you, it will not help you here."
The duo of colossus aimed their dual laser beams and incinerated the first wave of Zerg units with ease. However, the scorching remains of the Zergs were quickly buried under the horde of Zerg units advancing.

The reavers perched on the ledges launched their scarabs on the Zerg horde. Bones and flesh flew in every direction yet the Zerg still advanced unimpeded and were closing in despite the heavy fire power from the Tal'darim.

"Warriors! Stand your ground! The crystals are nearly complete!"

At last, the fangs of the swarm met the fury of the Tal'darim.
I look on, and turn to my squad.

"Get in position!" I yell, and we go behind some nearby boxes for cover, getting ready to blast away these Protoss.
I draw my great sword, summoning Ghoster. "You sure? Cause you wouldn't be the first Protoss to say that, and I'm sure you won't be the last."
Both Praetor and Pilot appeared next to their... Master. I am here Master, I even have the Sundrop for emergencies. Telepathically so only he can hear her thoughts.

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