Amnesia: The Darkness Within

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I think I want to join if its okay... Maybe Tal'Darim... Never RPed with them before, could be fun!
An extremely sharp mental pain hits Terance's head, forcing him to double over on one knee.

The three Protoss stand there motionless and looks contemptibly at the Terran.

Telnis' voice is omniscient in Terance's head, "And you were not the first Terran to fall as you flew closer to the sun. How is it? To relive the nightmares of your past? Memories are such painful things are they not? They are buried deep in your minds, stored and sealed so that pitiful organisms such as you can continue onwards with your simple lives. Emotions are such fickle things..."

Another forcefield is in place between the Provun and Terance.

I have too many Tal'darim. You want to be a Dominion pilot? *Hint hint*

Darn, I was thinking that would be a fun new twist. I am always Terran :(

Oh well, dominion pilot sounds good too :D where are we?
You will be engaging Zerg air forces in orbit with the rest of the Dominion fleet.
May thee subject the patient to Sundrop?
I force the pain away and stand back up, focusing on the one thing that no Protoss could ever break, my family. "I'm getting tired of you freaks trying that trick. Seems only the Zealots are truly fearless."
Not yet sirrah, I must torture this meager Terran mentally before proceeding. The action is happening too fast with them and I wish to catch up on the other factions.
I hate it when there isn't a char sheet and I just have to pull one out of my @$$.

Name: Phil "Pontious Pilot" Dowery.
Age: 27
Faction: Dominion
Appearance: Black, thick, medium length hair. Forest Green eyes. Skinny, but fit.
Backstory: Supposedly, Phil commited murder. He was thrown into prison and has anxiously waited to prove himself innocent. After being wrongly declared guilty he opted to train in the military and work for his freedom. He quickly became a skilled pilot and is now one year into his draft.

Gah.. What else?
Both Psi-Blades activated, ready to slice through skin, flesh, and finally bone! I so wanted to, but I knew that my Master would stop me. Master, we shall wait then I guess... But how dare he call us freaks when he has something that belongs to us inside of him!
I chuckle. "Not to private. For your information, the Xel'Naga spirit inside me chose me for reasons it's yet to share with me. If he had wanted you to find him, he'd have made himself known to you instead."
"Dammit, just stay alive Terance!"
Am concentrating on eating.

Approved, now choose your vehicle.

-Jack of all trades airship. Has no strengths and no weakness in particular. Single seated

-Fast nimble fighter. Does well against clumped up light units but fares poorly against armored targets. Single seated

-Slow and vulnerable to fast units. Great against all units due to massive firepower but needs support to compensate for its weakness or it will be picked off easily. Single seated
Viking :D
12/20/2012 02:52 PMPosted by smylez
"The Intrepid is equipped with a cloaking field. It can provide a supporting role in battle but it is mainly a reconnaissance and infiltration ship. We still have the element of surprise. Testing our defenses will blow that element and all the other factions will realize we are here too."

"I don't intend to reveal the location of our ground forces. I'll move the Enesceron a bit closer in to the fighting in case something goes wrong and we need to assist quickly, but if all goes well the fighters can provide valuable information on enemy positions and weaken them slightly, and then pull out before anyone can make a full response to them. In the chaos of the battle that the Observers are reporting, the chances of anyone entirely understanding what happened are fairly low as long as they pull out without engaging in the main fighting."

"We fly in high, fire down on them and take down as many as we can, as quickly as we can, and then pull out immediately as soon as they recover from the initial attack. The only ones who will be likely to even notice our presence will be the Tal'darim, the other factions are too busy with their own battles to look at the emblems on our ships. They will assume that we are Tal'darim as well, in all likelyhood."

"And the Tal'darim are engaged in a three-way battle, they will not have the forces to spare to attack us as well, so long as we do not continuously attack them. We must make precise, surgical strikes where we can inflict as much damage as possible to any faction that exposes a weak spot. The Colossi will make a good target as well, but we need that data on the enemy positions before we can do anything. In the meantime, the Probes will be establishing a base here; several mineral fields and vespene geysers have been detected in the immediate vicinity."
With CR and Dacder away, the plot regarding Terance's squad will be on temporarily hold for the other subplots to catch up.
MMkay. Gives my Zerg more to munch on.
Be back in an hour or so.
Ok. Have fun doing whatever.
"Aeteas, the Zerg have already made contact with the Tal'darim defenses in the north. If they are overwhelmed, I am afraid the Zerg will become the dominant force in the vicinity and our chances of securing the artifact will be extremely difficult. My dark templar brethren and I will get into position while you set up your forces. Tell us when you see an opening."

The Intrepid opens its hanger doors. Several warp prisms make their down the planet.
The radar bleeps incessantly as the Zerg forces comes closer. Through their cockpits, the Terran pilots only see a dark swarm of air flyers rapidly advancing on their line.
The first line of defense were photon cannons on the low ground that immediately began to fire on the Zerglings that made it first. Scarab mines buried on the ground activated. The Zerglings were ripped to shreds. The zealot defenders from their positions to meet the incoming Zerg horde. Meanwhile, the colossi continued to incinerate the Zerg from afar while the immortals and dragoons provided critical fire.

The controller's hand began to shine near the crystal formation.
I hiss to myself. [The Protoss still needed to stand their ground. Why am I not surprised.....]. I begin to push more and more Zerglings and Roaches out, and the Infestors start getting into position. With a mental command, Swarm Hosts, living siege hosts, and Vipers, flying creatures with a long reach, move out, heading for the front in order to join the battle.

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