Amnesia: The Darkness Within

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12/26/2012 07:02 PMPosted by CrymsonRaven
Shoot him from beyond 30 feet?
No... Because he will either dodge or block... I should probably quit posting, for I'm still holding in anger from earlier that doesn't involve any of this.
Use something that he can't either block or dodge. Protoss do like lasers, so that would at least get rid of the dodging part. Now you just have to figure out something that you can't block, either.
Guards, get the Var'dha crystal immediately. The rest of you, confine the other humans on this ship and focus your energy on breaking this barrier afterwards.

[Xel'naga hears "confine the other" "focus your energy on breaking"]
I've actually come to realize that I'm still encountering lore issues with Terance, so huh...none of the things he's done happened, as I must withdraw from the RP. Or, better yet, it happened and I have a way out.

IC: The Xel'Naga shakes it's head in disappointment. "To think I once thought the Firstborn would amount to more in our absence." I can feel a surge of energy building in Ghoster and curse. "You want to live, find cover!" In a burst of light, I vanished from both the ship and the planet, landing on a forested planet in an unknown part of the Sector. " that." I pass out from the amount of energy expended, not waking up anytime soon. A message is sent to the Major saying the deal was off and I had other things to do.

OOC: I apologize again. Damn you lore holes.
Damn deus ex machina...that leaves the Provun alone. No problem.
Don't kill them or capture them was Dac's only request. He said that they can be cornered though.
12/26/2012 07:21 PMPosted by Zarkun
Don't kill them or capture them was Dac's only request. He said that they can be cornered though.
Dacder does know about the nature of this RP? Anyone can die in this.
He'd also like to remain in the RP.
Another team of Vipers come up and re-deploy Blinding Clouds, before they too die, all the Vipers sent dead. However, it had been a distraction, as a team of Swarm Hosts moved into position and started laying siege to the location. Locusts begin charging the line, and Hydralisks form a guard around the Hosts. Beneath it all, Infestors begin to make their way behind the Protoss lines, heading for their target.
I won't kill them, but they will very likely be captured. If I remembered, he's gone for a week. I'll bring him up to speed.

You can still RP in this with a different, perhaps more normal character Zarkun.
"My brothers! Unleash the crystals on the hated Zerg! Let the Kerrigan and her broodmothers know that they are not the only ones who can control their broods! The time has come to show the galaxy that we have mastered the Zerg!"

The crystals radiate and sings. The crystal formations break into smaller fragments, yet they are still somehow suspended in the air. So great is the energy from the crystals that even the Terran Dominon ground forces feel a harsh sensation in their ears.

Several red pulses fan out and almost immediately, the Zerg invaders closest to the Tal'darim line begin to turn on their former broods while those further out became feral as their hive link was thrown into complete disarray. Only the furthest out were not affected..

Ramadar looks up from his crystal. The Zerg forces suddenly were in disarray. "We have gained permanent control of the Zerg forces that have been affected by the psionic emanations. Relay orders to your respective broods. They will fight back the swarm. Ensure that your focus on the crystals are not broken. Guard the controllers with your lives!"
I might do that, but as a fourth, unrelated party known as...the Inextinctus Eques! Kidding, I'll use Daalis with the Daelaam and Razuc.


Name: Daalis
Race: Protoss
Age: 228
Rank: Exemplar
Unit Type: Dark Templar Seeker
Equipment: Warp Sword based on Scottish Claymore, Seeker Armor, which has a Void Laser on it, advanced interfacing tech, allowing for advanced hacking, and also a Void Shield function, allowing for shield and sword techniques, and a cloak
Abilities: Cloak, blink, Shutdown-destroys vital organs, and light shade-allows Daalis to temporarily bend light to his will.
Back story: Participated in the final battle that killed the Overmind, has an unusual amount of respect for the Terrans. Has strong issues with the Dominion, but despises the Zerg for what they did to Aiur. Before being assigned this mission, was sent to investigate the strange emanations from a Terran transport, and gained a scar from what he found. Was sent to investigate the Dominion tests and prevent another Apparition. With that successfully done, he found himself assigned to combat the Tal'Darim and secure a Xel'Naga artifact from them. While he loathes killing his brethren, he loathes the Tal'Darim's methods more so.
I felt the link cut off from my Zerg, and I smile to myself. I reach my mind out, and find where the creatures were being controlled at.
How....quaint. They control something that they hate the most. So.....unoriginal. I say. Thankfully, all they had control of was assault troops, no Drones of their own. Even now, plans have been set in motion. The ground beneath them shall become their enemy.
OOC: Your rank will mean that you will be the primary DM for the Daelaam forces along with Owlfeathers. Now, do you want me to retcon him with Prelate Razuc as the commander of the first strike force or enter with a very small force?

Briefly tell me what is a seeker suppose to do.
With Razuc. Seems like that would be the best idea. And a seeker is just a title right now. Haven't figured out the fine details because of the issue of having it make sense.
Alright, Prelate Razuc has never existed in Amnesia and has been retconned with High Prelate Daalis at the young age of 228.

/single tear
Oh...I thought...Now I feel bad...I can...blast me and my forgetfulness...I didn't want to replace him...but work with him...
For a plus side, you get to be a DM with Owlfeathers for the Daelaam faction. You have 100 Protoss at your disposal and a stealth ship called the Intrepid.

I get less lifting to do too!
I suppose that is a plus...Owl, what is your guys rank again X3
He is an Imperator which is an upper mid tier rank compared to your rather exotic High Prelate rank.
I thought that was low. I made a booboo, didn't I?
Not sure if serious, but yes, you made a minor boo-boo as Zeratul was a Prelate. I can make up a rank that will put you on about equal footing with owlfeather if you like.

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