Amnesia: The Darkness Within

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Wait, I thought he was a Dark Prelate? Ah well, sure, let's do that.
Your title shall be Exemplar!
I shall edit it in.

IC: {Imperator, we will be moving into postion soon. Are you prepared?}
The newly acquired Zerg forces fought back ferociously even by Zerg standards, pushing back the Swarm.

"Ramadar, the subjugation has been a success. Shall we initiate the next step of the plan?"

"Yes, we will empower these Zerg with the energies of these crystals. They will be much stronger and deadlier than their counterparts. Begin the warping!"

Each crystal takes a sinister hue of red as sparks of lighting begin to emit off the crystals.
I felt the increase of energy from the Protoss, and decided that now would be a good time to strike. I send several overlords out, and the ones that turned feral are slowly brought back under control, with the Swarm Hosts being the first to be brought back. I send more of my Zerg out to attack, and their weapons were sharper than normal, a feat made possible due to modifying their blades in an Evolution Chamber.
I will join as Syclla in a bit. Also with me back Project Ress will be back up
Name: Syclla
Age: 5 (shes a Zerg so stop !@#$%in)
Rank: New Overmind (thats what she calls herself anyways)
Faction: Her own????
Backstory: In the celluar war that is a zerg degg something amazing happened. The docile Overmind gene made it as top dog in the Hydralisk's egg. When she hatched she was fully sentient and was exiled by the Broodmother. Syclla came back and gained control of her birth Brood, renamed it the Syclla Brood and soon gained control of two other Broods which she named the Apophis Brood and the Quetzalcoatal Brood. She hit a road block as her Hydralisk body only let her have limited growth potential and so hopes to recreate Cerebrates to merge with her and to create more Broods.
is this thing still alive?????

IC: The Praetor and Pilot were walking side by side with their master. "Master... What now?"
I shall edit it in.

IC: {Imperator, we will be moving into postion soon. Are you prepared?}
"My forces are ready. I will create a diversion so that you can enter the Worldship and retrieve the artifact."
{We will be ready.} I signal the helmsman to move into position and we wait, preparing to make our move.
I signal to the forces on the ground. "We are attacking shortly. Defend the Exemplar's forces at all costs."

The pair of Colossi rise up from their dormant state, their long legs allowing them to gracefully climb down the side of the mountain as the remaining forces take a flatter path down from the plateau that the base is built on.

IC: The Praetor and Pilot were walking side by side with their master. "Master... What now?"

"Round up the Terrans and put them in the prison. Then report back to your stations. Our carriers detected more movement along the mountains. Perhaps you can start by going there."
The subjugated Zerg's carapace cracks as purple streaks and runes cover their bodies.

EDIT: Updated the OP with a custom faction list and corresponding new units
The ship reached it's position and I contacted the Imperator. {We are in position.}
Name: Destron
Age: 5 (hes a robot)
Rank: Warbot
Faction: Dominion
Backstory: A prototype warbot, Destron is unlike other Dominion warbots in the fact that he is the size of a Firebat. He is fully sentient though he only obeys a certain person unless an override code is activated. He is equipped with 2 miniguns, one at the end of each of his arms. He is also equipped with a miniaturized defense matrix which is weaker than the standard so if it comes under enough fire it will go down and can only take about 1-2 hits from a heavy weapon. He is naturally slow so he can curl up into a sort of disk to move around much quicker though he is defenseless while in his transport mode. He looks like this though more Starcrafty

YES I did base him heavily of the Droideka (mostly because of nostalgia and sheer badassery)
Fine, you are accepted.
woot woot. Where should I start off???? Basically any major battles goin on
You're a Terran fighting on the ground heading up a valley that is fortiified
OOC: Fortified by what

IC: I wake up from stasis as the Medivac carrying me lowers to the ground. I unfurl and walk on out as well as the rest of the reinforcements. I hear my Master's voice "Go with these troops and blast through this valley. When you get to the end IK will give you further orders." "Roger Roger." I reply back and start to furl back up and roll out with the troops.

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