Amnesia: The Darkness Within

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01/01/2013 08:01 PMPosted by MechaGhidrah
"Roger Roger." I reply back and start to furl back up and roll out with the troops.
Star Wars much... First Godzilla and now this...

Why can't you be original? Instead you literally copy from other peoples work.
I just wanted to make one last refrence. Ive been playing battlefront and *sniffle* Ive came down with a disease known as nostalgia so dont be a D!CK *SNIFFLE*
Nostalgia or not, you could stand to be less blatant. Blizzard can get in trouble for your actions.

IC: {Imperator, the enemy moves to engage you. If you feel it is a good time, we will go now.}
This month is filled with a lot of coursework so...

[Come back February!]

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