Amnesia: The Darkness Within

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Edited my app, he now has no knowledge of the Daelaam being present. May even fire on them if they are believed to be Tal'darim and no comm is established.
"Regroup with the main force. You may have found a templar archive and dealt a blow to them but don't push your luck. They've begun to warp in their buildings on the outskirts closer to the worldship. We've managed to make some leeway in the valley and we need all available hands there."



They are mostly DTs and Khalai. Tal'darim have no love of dts.

{Roger that. Heading back.} I turn and retreat, using the smoldering ruins of the two buildings and head back into the vegetation. "Can't believe they didn't want me closer. Ah well, guess I'm lucky."
Name: Athazual
Faction: Zerg
Rank: Hive Matriarch
Age: Unknown
Backstory: Athazual was not a Queen, originally. In fact, she was human, working as an scientist before the invasion of her home planet. When that had happened, she had been captured, and had been turn into an infested terran. Later on, in a choice made by the Queen of Blades, Athazual had been mutated, hybridized with a special variant of the queen, creating her into what she is today. Some unknown time later, she had managed to break away due to reasons unknown to everyone. She now leads the Orathas Brood, her own brood of Zerg as well as a full force of Infested Terran troops.
Approved. But you do realize that if your character was sent by Artanis, he is also by definition a Daelaam Protoss? The first strike force is mainly Dark Templars.

This works. Is she Queen of Blades-esque in appearance (clearly not on par with her in terms of power)? Is she stronger than a typical Broodmother?

His are a distraction without knowing they're a distraction.
I'm going to join this, let me wait until I get to my grandparents though. :3
She is stronger than a normal Broodmother, with her own DNA modified with a special code she got for infesting some poor Protoss (non-khala) So her psionic strength matches higher-ranked templar, sometimes going over it.
And no, she doesn't look like the Queen of Blades.
She looks like:
with the upper body being more human, with the manta-like crest being her hair. Her bladed parts end in three scythes. Her body has growths for Infested Terran and Mutant Larva.
Approved. But you do realize that if your character was sent by Artanis, he is also by definition a Daelaam Protoss? The first strike force is mainly Dark Templars.

This works. Is she Queen of Blades-esque in appearance (clearly not on par with her in terms of power)? Is she stronger than a typical Broodmother?

Daelaam are the alliance of DTs and Khalai Protoss, the Akilae are the Templar caste in particular. Both are led by Artanis though.
I know I'm going to be the Tal'darim... And I have ze theme for my group!

Terance makes his way back to the valley. Much of the foliage in the area are ruined by fighting and parts of the forest are on fire. A marine dragging the body of the wounded vaporizes as a stray phase particle from a Hurricane hits them, leaving noting but a small crater.

The skies are filled with the screams of Terran and Protoss engines as they fight for air superiority. A banshee is hit and crashes down on an immortal making its wall to the front lines. The immortal emerges from the smoke unscathed and continues its assault.

The major's voice comes through. "Mercenary, we found a fork through the valley that circumvents much of the valley's static defenses. We've sent two teams in but we heard nothing from them since. Assemble a squad and do whatever you can."

"GAHHHHH" A psionic storm hits the front pack of the marines.

Both are Daelaam regardless Owlfeathers. Tribal differences may prove to be an interesting side twist.

Fine by me Jester. Might have some problems navigating through narrow spaces.
I dive away from the storm and find the fork. {I'll move faster on my own, sir. You'll need those men in the main valley.}
OCC: That's why I have burrow-move and Deep Burrow XD
The voice on the other end is furious, "Don't make me repeat myself mercenary! You were paid to follow our orders not go off and do [static]-on-[static]"


You aren't teleporting anywhere by burrowing. Nor will you escape so easily once you are burrowed. Just a heads up. You start it off. I've already state the Zerg have begun to arrive in droves.
OCC: Soh. Where am I set up at?
{Major? Major, come in.} I curse and grab three unharmed marines, and lead them into the fork. "On your toes, ladies. We don't know whats in here."
I land at the Hatcheries closest to the frontline, and take in all the details that my troops have provided for me.
Terran and Protosssssss........ Interesting...... I begin to direct the active forces, continuing the waves while scouts are set out to probe each base. I walk over to the nearby Hatchery, and inject larval eggs to provide more larva, while in turn producing mutant larva from myself.
The fork twists and curves upward. Old ruins litter the path, their surfaces aged and worn.

"Well, what does command expect us to do with just a fire team?" asked a marine.
"We're finding out what happened to the two teams they already sent up. Shouldn't be difficult."
"Admiral, the Zerg have arrived. They are currently on a collision course with us. In addition, they are sending in Zerg wave pods down the planet."

Hackett grabbed his cigar tightly. "At such an inopportune time too. How do they do it? They've become a lot smarter in picking their fights and figuring out our movements. No matter, they are here now. What are their numbers adjudant?"

"I am counting 5 class 12 bio signatures. There are five leviathans. Threat status: Extreme."

Hackett put out the light on his cigar. "If the Queen of Blades sent five of them, that means that we are facing between 3 to five broods at once. For her to secure this much after her fall at Char amazes me. Can you confirm if she is there?"

"Psionic scanners do not indicate the Queen of Blades is there but there are several notable signatures that matches that of Broodmothers. Two leviathans have changed course and begun to descend towards the planet."

"And the three?" asked Hackett.

"They number in the millions," the adjudant replied.

"Good, we still have a fighting chance then. This is Hackett to all ship captains. Prepare for engagement with the Zergs on space. Ready the hanger bays for the fighter ships."

He stroked his mustache. Today we see how effective the Typhoon is for swarms of enemies.
They reach the top of the road. Straight up ahead, the flora covers the sky preventing the light from coming down. Carvings made from a mysterious mineral are neatly arranged on both sides of the road.
"Athazual! You are going ahead of yourself again! Right before we finalized our plan of attack!" said the irritated voice of Izath inside Athazual's mind.
"The Zerg have arrived and they seem confident in splitting up their forces. Tell the others to wait. Helmsman, bring us closer to the planet's surface. We will wait a little longer," said Razuc.

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