Amnesia: The Darkness Within

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I hold up a hand and look at the path ahead. "Flare."
I ignore the tone, and reply
My role is on the front with the Hatcheries, Lairs and Hives. I am capable of directing my children no matter where I am. And we all share a link to speak, so we can still plan.
I walk over to the Drones, and watch them work, and direct Overlords to key spots to observe all around the base while more Zerglings pile out from the hatcheries and begin to attack.
You have an invasion force. As in you literally have an army already.
The path lights up with the flares. No sign of anything out of the ordinary.
"Move up. Slowly." I move forward, drawing the great sword and watching the path. It felt off, like something was waiting.
Smylez, what I meant was that song was the theme for my band of Protoss! BLARGHLE FOR FUN!

Will create character sheet soon... Might lie and wait till I get back home. :/
OCC: Who's the first comment directed at? If its at me, then no, all I did was order drones to land first and set up shop, then I landed and start placing orders and getting stuff built.
As you move up the path, the mangled body of a firebat appears lying down on the road.

"Holy !@#$..." remarked a private.

"Is he alive?" asked another?

"Hey mercenary! Go check up on the body!"

Yes, it was at you.

I chuckle. "Nope, one of you boys do it. I'm being payed to inspect the ship, not a dead body."
All three of the Dominon marines points a gun at Terance's head, body and legs.

One of them with Cpl. stripes, the highest ranked of the three, remarks, "You are a hired gun for us. Now do what you're told."
"Actually, I'm a hired gun for the Admiral, and concurrently, the Major, and he put me in charge, so one of you do it, or you'll see just how fast I am." Unknown to the three, Ghosters were floating less then a centimeter from the back of their necks, so one wrong move would be their last.
The firebat groans audibly.

The three marines look at each other and put their weapons down.

"You got off lucky this time mercenary."
I chuckle. "Yeah, sure." I walking forward, I look for more bodies. "Anyone see any other bodies?"
The firebat strains to speak. The gauntlets on both arms have been crushed, not sliced apart. His chest piece is dented inward.

"Alright man, tell us what happen. We'll get you out of here..."

"There are others...down the road..." the firebat gasped.

"We may have some survivors! Ok, can you tell us what attacked you?"




"He's not moving anymore. His last words were 'fire'. Wonder that means...we should go."

Another body is found, this time it is cut into many smaller pieces.
"Zealot, though a little over zealous, even for Tal'Darim. Stay ready for anything."
Faint screams are heard as well as gunfire as more bodies, recent by the looks of it, appears.
"The hell. Weapons free. Fire on anything that isn't friendly." I move quickly, waiting to be around a bend before summoning Ghoster. What did I just sign up for...
I turn back to my Leviathan, seeing it already with the others' Leviathans. I still had most, if not all, of my forces loaded on it and the three Behemoths hovering near it. I turn my attention back to the drones, and the scouting Zerglings.
Izath, I will not wait forever. Unless you get done formulating your plan, I'll deploy my forces where-ever I please. I send, and my Mutant Larva begin to transform into Zerglings.
There are no behemoths in the Zerg forces who are the biggest organisms in the Zerg army. All units are inserted via Zerg drop pods, overlords or carried within by leviathans which can be bigger than motherships.
"It is decided then Athazual. You and Ger'kha will lead the ground invasion while the three of us deal with the Terran air forces."
As the marines quietly but cautiously come near the corner, they see 8 marines on top of a ledge fighting against a duo of immortals below. There are three dead zealots on the ramp.
OCC: Leviathans and Overlords alone aren't enough to move whole broods. And Behemoths have been around for longer than the Leviathans. How do you think the Zerg sends drop-pods?

I hear the response, and call out for my brood to land where I am. My Leviathan responds, deploying its cargo at my position then returning out into space.
My work is done. A leviathan is large enough to carry a sizable amount of the a single brood. Do you know how many overlords are there in a brood? More than enough to carry the rest. Leviathans can be used for drops pods launching areas. Specialized Overlords too (you do not have access to this strain).

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