Amnesia: The Darkness Within

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Then if the Zerg was using only Leviathans to do everything, how come they didn't just destroy every colony ship they found, in the similar fashion they usually work? And it doesn't specify the amount that they carry, either. Where as the Behemoths have been seen carrying broods to and fro the battlefield and hives to new locations.
You were only given Leviathans and that is final.
OOC: smylez, Can I have permission to create a custom faction? They would be the Dominion's allies.
I spot them and sigh. "Well, let's get in there." I rush out, leaping up into the air and land on an immortal, slamming the blades through the shield and into the top of the shell, piercing the body of the protoss piloting it, killing him. "Come on, boys!"
Name: Zailuora
Faction: Tal'darim
Rank: Praetor
Age: 548
Backstory: A student of the Khala, and the ways of war. Always finding new ways to destroy her enemies until they were nothing but a pile of mass. Where she suffers from not being able to succeed in her work, she learns from every mistake and piles them up to create another way through those mistakes. An interesting way she learned how to interrogate prisoners was to use the infamous drug... Sundrop. DEATH TO ALL ENEMIES OF THE TAL'DARIM!

Name: Sal'us
Faction: Tad'darim
Rank: Pilot
Age: 467
Backstory: Many battles had been won on his scout, for he may not have been the best, nor the brightest, but you don't need to be in order to learn the ways of war and to use your enemies fear against them! Flying above treetops and raining autofire down upon witless fools! What better way to fight than to come out in a blaze of glory!

OOC: Going to do these two for now, doing like squads and etc. Sal'us more for like fire support.
I need to see it before I can make any calls Dacder. Remember that this takes place strictly in SC2 HoTS lore. There's some leeway for custom units.

Can I do my surgical strike on top of Zarkun and the marines? Scare them as I fundle them into a trap. :3
Go right ahead. I'm not responsible for any deaths.


Going to update the character sheet and summary page.

Owlfeathers, your character's rank has changed to Imperator which is the lesser equivalent to a Praetor.
May I remind you that there are two Tal'Darim...ok one, immortals in the way?
A high speed Scout raced through the air, silent while slicing through the wind! His prey was in his scans...

Out in the distance next to the Marines and Terance, autofire hit the ground picking up the dirt. The Scout racing by again, firing Anti-Matter Missiles on their location. He was going to send them running into a trap.
I pulled the Immortal over, using a trick I'd picked up during a battle on a Worldship. Shielded from the rounds, I watch the marines run. "Idiots."

OOC: Dead shielded metal husk shield FTW!
The Provun Republic.

Description: A small, one planet protectorate of the Dominion. It was formed when religious leader Fernando Mellinken started the religion of Deus'Provun. This religion worshiped Xel'Naga as gods, but was soon banned from the Dominion. With the growing popularity of this "cult" however, the Dominion realized that they'd soon have to do something else. They set aside a single small planet for the followers of Deus'Provun, and here they set up a small, democratic country reliant on the Dominion. In return for this, the Provun were to assist the Dominion in any and all conflicts.

They're often separated from Dominion troops in records, but they helped fight off the Zerg invasions, and also assisted lightly on Char. The emperor of the Dominion even has a small, elite guard made up of these fanatics. Their economy is based off trade with the Dominion and farming, but the Dominion also assists the Provun in exchange for goods and military service. The current leader of this republic is Sheldon Montul, a 45 year old priest. The people are highly religious, and truly believe the Xel'Naga have chosen them to be the peoples to represent them. So they effectively hate the Protoss and Zerg, believing them heretics and that the Xel'Naga sent humans to destroy and replace them.

The order of society for these peoples is the following. (Social classes, basically.)

Regis Pontifex (Distinguished Nobles)
Optimus Pontifex (Bloodline of original 100,000 followers)
Amplus Pontifex (Highest possible for common people, exceptional followers)
Deterior Pontifex (Bread and Butter troops, normal level priests)
Supersticio (Beserker-type Specialized infantry roles generally)
Communis (Normal people who haven't particularly excelled in the religion)
Deterior Aequi (Those who don't follow the religion, highly looked down upon.)

Custom Units/Troops- (Note: Have Vikings, Banshees, Ravens, Siege Tanks, Hellions, and Goliaths as well)

Fanatic (Supersticio class): Armed with a pistol, light armor, and 4 grenades, the Fanatic is a Light Infantry/Support unit. They also can conduct rapid assaults on entrenched positions, and thus are renowned as rapid-strike specialists. However, they cannot hope to sustain a long-ranged firefight, and should avoid this at all costs.

Mariners (Communis, Deterior Pontifex): The ship to ship specialists of the Provun, they're typically armed as with Dominion Marine-Type armor, Assault Rifles and misc. weapons (snipers, LMGs, or Rocket Launchers). They define typical ship to ship battles of the Provun, and the main fighting force of the fleets.

Miles (Communis, Deterior Pontifex): The "Marine" of the Provun, they're slightly less trained but considerably more motivated than their Dominion counterparts, they generally avoid specialist troops, but do have some Snipers, Rocket units, Flamethrower units, and misc. units.

Beserkers (Supersticio): Armed with misc. things. Often use Shotguns or other Short Ranged weapons, often suicide bomb enemy positions, will gladly give their life for the good of the Provus.

Optimus Miles (Amplus Pontifex, Optimus Pontifex):The elite support/shock teams of the Provun, can be adapted to use a number of different weapons, but often use Snipers and Assault Rifles. Any psionic troops are put here, and these soldiers are as well trained as any in the dominion.


Medic (Female Combatants): The Provus believe that females weren't meant to fight, and so use them as support troops with Marine-level armor, medical training, and pistols for self-defense.

Engineer (Communis, Deterior Pontifex): These specialists are used to support the army by repairing damage dealt to the armored divisions. Carry rudimentary weapons.
Sorry, your application has been rejected Dacder.
The Scout was purposely leading the Marines into a Tal'darim trap, waiting there for them. It was all part of the plan! More autofire sprayed the earth.
OOC: Well dammit, I didn't think it was too bad myself. I really don't want to be a Merc, or really any of the options presented....dammit. Can you tell me what was wrong so I can correct whatever might be wrong with it?
It just won't fit. Why would they send a group of religious nutjobs who would sympathize with another group of religious fanatics who just happens to be Protoss, the very group they worship? The Dominion is not that stupid.
OOC: Fine, time to utterly change around their religion. :P

Edit: Edited the app, tell me if it's still messed up.
12/18/2012 05:08 PMPosted by smylez
You were only given Leviathans and that is final.

Then that means.....Nevermind, going to stop there.

I begin to organize my troops, setting traps for anyone curious, and start setting patrols to keep an eye on any incoming troops. I pull the Overlords back to my base, and have them hover in the center.
How far will you say you are from the Worldship Jester? And do tell me what that means.

So, they will access to Dominion weaponry as it appears they are entirely dependent on the Dominion for handouts.

You are in. The Dominion has found a way to get rid of you.
I watch the marines get funneled into the trap while the other Immortal attempts to see me. "Eh, eh, eh. Knew this would come in handy again."

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