Amnesia: The Darkness Within

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OCC: If I had a map, I'd be able to tell you definitely, but as I don't, all I can really say is I'm parked away from the other bases, and I'm at a spot where infantry and vehicles can walk up to my base.

O.O I have no clue how that happened.
OOC: Get rid of me? And excellent, I'll post my custom troops real quick.

Finished up for now, may add on things as time goes by.
Character sheets are up as well as a summary.

A sub section of custom faction will be listed in the character sheets once Dacder finalizes his faction and I approve it.
Zailuora moved quickly though brush and trees, the trap had almost been finalized as the Praetor saw the marines running their way... Sundrop was ready.

The Scout moved closer in, finalizing the stretch and this last strafing run. The marines walked right into it.
Your trap, your post. Finish it.
I watch the marines running towards cover and spot the Zealot (You weren't very specific with her training) and radio the one in the lead. {Hey, stupid, shoot in front of you.}
I know... I was expecting Zarkun to reply or something since he did the past two times. :/

IC: Two other Zealots were at the trap, activating their Psi Blades at the last minute for that silent opener. Killing six out of eleven Marines when Zailuora smashed open the visor of the other, not before getting shot... The shield was barely held up now at such close ranged. But it was to late for the poor Terran, for Sundrop was subjected to him in a torturous fashion.

Brothers and sisters!
We feign a retreat for now and regroup back at the main Nexus! I shall interrogate this pitiful excuse of a man myself.
She said this in a telepathic manner, the two Zealots bowing to her and making their way back through the brush and trees.

The Scout raced back in their direction, the pilot smiled, that is if he could've smiled. Mission successful for now... If they can pick at smaller forces and make them divide their army, then the Terran's would fall quickly.

She noticed more Marines encroaching, they had to get out before they got to close to them. Their shields will help to soften the blow of the Gauss Spikes.
The Immortal became convinced I was trapped and left, allowing me to climb out. {Major, if you can hear me, we've hit a bit of a road bump. They captured a marine.}

Good night.
I curse and look at the Tal'Darim structures. "Well, guess I make my own moves at this point." I head out, using the foliage as cover.
Name: Silvan Makrenni
Gender: Male
Age: 32
Race: Provun republic.
Rank: Colonel
Class: Optimus Pontifex

Description: A bit of a baby-face with green eyes and short brown hair in the military fashion. He wears simply Black and Red power armor in combat, and dresses in a traditional fashion.

Backstory: He was trained early on in life for military, and quickly made the superiors impressed. He's one of the personal favorites of Major General Tenqir, and so was trusted with the position of a Colonel, and the command of a small force traveling with a Dominion fleet to an unknown location. He's very zealous for his religion, and hates Protoss with a passion.

Name: Sheila Libroc
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Race: Provun Republic
Rank: Lt.Colonel
Class: Optimus Pontifex

Description: 5'3, 125 pounds. Slender but somewhat muscular and lithe body. A sort of thin face with Ice-blue eyes and long brown hair. She wears the same Black and Red power armor in combat as her superior, and also wears a traditional naval uniform to meetings.

Backstory: She was put into military school late, and didn't really like it but excelled nonetheless. She was made a Lt.Colonel, and was appointed to be Makrenni's second in command. She isn't that keen on her religion, and feels that the Protoss have a chance at life-though she hates the Zerg.

Name: John Wilks
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Class: Amplus Pontifex
Rank: Sergeant 1st class
Race: Provun

Description: Longer brown hair and dark brown eyes, a slender build of about 155 pounds and 6 feet. He uses the armor of a Dominion Ghost.

Backstory: He was trained to be a war machine from birth, and has so far surpassed expectations to become the leader of a small squad of Optimus Miles. Not much is known about him, but he focuses less on religion and more on the art of killing. He was sent with the group sent with the Dominion, and is using this to get his squad of five (six with him) some extra experience.
Far above the fighting on the planet, almost directly above the north pole, a perfect sphere of space ripple and distorts as the Carrier Enesceron pops out of warp, appearing out of nowhere along with a small escort of fighter craft and transports. A wing of Observers deploy from the force almost immediately, three staying with the Enesceron and the rest spreading out, some descending into the atmosphere and others dispersing into the opposing space fleets, carefully moving to avoid detection by vessels with more advanced sensors.

The Carrier stays farther out from the planet than the others, preferring to avoid any engagement in space against the larger fleets, while the transport craft fall away towards the planet in the wake of the Observers to deploy their forces on the ground.
I come with in site of the perimeter and chuckle. Still no defenses. Moving quickly, I hide inside a robotics facility, taking stock of my route. Gotta reach the Nexus...
The Scout piloted near the Nexus, while the Praetor and her two Zealots took the prisoner to it, keeping an eye out for anything that could... move, or breath, not seeing anything they rested their hands near the entrance... They went in.
I don't think that's your call...
Damn... I just felt a tad upset that Protoss wouldn't even have a single defense near the front lines... Protecting a Nexus... :(
Think about it though, they have the superior set up, so why waste the resources on forward defenses before you need them.
Made the edit... I'm just going on the fact that you put a Nexus there so close so I just went off of instinct. Unless you misinterpreted my one post when I said that they were going to a Nexus after they captured someone?

Zarkun... By the way? You just said that the Nexus has information how to get in the Worldship... So that means it's worth defending...

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