Amnesia: The Darkness Within

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@Everyone who can see it

In the distance, the mighty colossi rise and slowly lumber to their position.

A platoon of Vanquishers (Protoss on hoverboards with energy crystals) fly past you...
I send my Roaches and Zerglings off, pushing them against the nearest bases belonging to either race. Meanwhile, Spore Crawlers were set up at the edges and entrances of my base, and a drone turns itself into a Hydralisk Den.
I step out from behind the tree and look over the troops. "You blokes to be my back up? Hell, I'd have been better off on my own."
I motion to my men. We could have let them pass, but that would go against my....beliefs. Our beliefs, really. So, we did the following.

"Fire." I whisper almost inaudibly. And the machine guns of three of my men immediately mow down several of the Protoss, and under the cover my squad gets into cover behind the Robotics facility.

"Suppressing fire Mack!" I yell out, and Mack lets loose a shower of Gauss rounds with his LMG.

Suddenly, a man appears from a tree.

"Just kill these Protoss for now, and you can complain later." I say to him, before splattering the brains of one of the surprised Protoss.
Ger'kha narrows her eyes on the colossi in the distance. "Athazual, I am commencing my attack."

A swarm of zerglings and hydralisks rush out of the forest to meet a wall of plasma fire from the Protoss defenders.
"Controller Ramadar, when will they be ready?" asked Telnis.

"Soon Telnis. The subjugators are already in position. We still must recalibrate the psionic matrices within the crystal to match it with the wavelengths of the Zerg hive links. Until then, we must buy a short amount of time." replied Ramadar.

Telnis gives a forceful command to all the northern defenders. "Protoss warriors, ensure that the Zerg do not harm the Subjugators. Protect them and those crystals with your lives!"
The eight Vanquishers turn around and fire their incinerator beams at the marines below. Almost immediately, one of the marines was focused down and instantly seared by the beam's energies. The next wave of the beams that would hit the marines were going to be much larger and intense.
OOC: smylez, you do know that I only have five people with me, and each are extremely elite, right? And that I just said I killed a few of the least?
OOC: I was under the impression I sent a company not a mere 5 soldiers.
My roaches and Zerglings join her forces, and I start organizing for more Hatcheries to be set up. I inject more Larva, as do the other queens under my command, and I start getting more troops organized. I hear the chittering steps of an Infestor that I sent out, from the troops I brought with me. For a brief moment, I look at the Infestor with hatred as memories of my past life surfaces, then the memories vanish.
OOC: I thought I was clear enough with the whole "six people on the transport", but I guess I should've stated that was the only transport. If you'd edit, I would really appreciate it...and preferably without killing off most of my squad. :P
OOC: I made it pretty clear that the escort was escorting a company of your units. As in 20+ soldiers. Sending in 6 people would be a fire team or squad.
OOC: Doh'! Okay...I have a way out of this.

IC: Silvan sat back, wondering if he should have sent the company, the small squad would be fine. They were the finest soldiers in the army he thought.
I shake my head and leap into the fray, several Ghosters leading my way in and spearing multiple Protoss. "You boys would spend the better point of the day here with their shields."
OOC: What is the range on your ghosters? They are flying in the air and moving.

Very well then, you lost a solder while the vanquisher numbers are down to 5.
I chuckle, "Surely you don't know the training and skill of my squad." I say, before pulling out a sniper and picking off what appeared to be the leading Protoss there.

Then, Adam went down. He'd been pierced by....something or another, and it looked pretty bad. Alexis immediately started helping to heal him, whilst we kept up the suppressing fire, while moving over to an area with better cover.

OOC: Dead, or severely wounded? Your call.
Reasonable. Only a couple...I can't remember which is smaller, yards or meters...
OOC: Yard is shorter.
Thank you. About 10 yards in front of me.
Read my edited post again. The vanquisher focused fired on Adam. That's 8 beams hitting him. Highly unlikely he is alive, let alone breathing.

Maximum range is 30 feet? I'd argue the Vanquishers would be much further away but I'll let it go this time.
A vanquisher shoots a beam that splits into smaller ones at the sniper.

The other are chipping away at the covers.
I manage to dodge the shots carefully, before a group of missiles hit and most likely kill the remaining Vanquishers; they were from the same fighters that had escorted us.

{Looked like you were having some trouble.} A voice says over the radio.

I don't respond however, instead going over to Adam.

"Alexis, is he going to be okay?" I ask, my face clearly worried. She just shook her head.

"Well, grieving over him won't do anything." I say, before turning to the man.

"And who the hell do you think you are?" I ask angrily.
As I land, I spin, bringing both blades up through the middle of another warrior, sending him to the Khala. "Rising Blade!" I flip Ghoster into a reverse grip and slam it into the ground. All the Protoss in a 15 foot radius find themselves spitted upon several Ghosters coming from a black seal on the ground. "And you'd be wise to take my...skills and abilities into account." I then hear his question. "Mercenary, CQC skills mostly, though I have a limited range on what abilities I do have. Why?"

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