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Hey fellow Zergies,

I've just recently became a part of the Zerg Streaming Community. Finally ironed out most kinks from my stream too.

I practice for 5-hours a day on weekdays. On occasion i'll stream 2's or custom games, etc...

Stop by to check out high-level Zerg play and occasional commentary.

Viewing and criticism is all welcome.

Going Live now.
pretty good stuff :D
5 HOURS A DAY! haha and I wonder why I can't make diamond : ) follow'd!
Thanks guys.

I do appreciate it.
going live
Going live in 20 mins.
I've been watching for your stream ever since I saw this thread the other day and I haven't seen you on. Hope to see you stream soon :) If you could cover sentry/immortal counters (or defense I guess would be a better term) I would love your stream. I lose to it all of the time.
Hey, thanks for watching. I just went down til after the new years and christmas went by. I've also had construction going on here in the house making it very hard to focus. But i'm back at it starting Jan, 3rd!
Bump for this kid :D
Going live soon!

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