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I personally love pure SC based RP's with good, well thought out story lines.
Post on In Glory We Return.

You decided not to join because it would mess up an existing character. MAKE A NEW ONE and play in the kind of RP you enjoy.

EDIT: Good job Dacder. Looks like the beginnings of something.
12/20/2012 02:03 AMPosted by Zanon
You decided not to join because it would mess up an existing character. MAKE A NEW ONE and play in the kind of RP you enjoy.
Zanon... Because then that would be to easy for Markus. :\

EDIT: Good job Dacder. Looks like the beginnings of something.
Thanks, I'll try to work on it more today.
I'm working on DarkBlade now. Should have at least the story up soonish. Maybe.
Nice, I finished the races, and now I need to work on magical properties and then the history of the land...
Finished Lore.

Origin of Roman Soldiers

In the year of 12 A.D. Roman Emporer Augustus Caesar found an ancient artifact on the German Rhine. The artifact was named “Caerimonia Aedicula”. One day, the shrines true magical prowess was shown went it created a portal to the alternate dimension of Abucredo. The Roman emporer wished to explore and conquer this new realm, and so he sent the XII Legion to claim all lands in this dimension. On roughly January 4th, 13 A.D. the legion made it’s trip. It consisted of several thousand troops, but the Portal closed after just a few had gone through. This small group became known as the Lost Soldiers.

Origin of Magical Powers

After several days of wandering, the thirsty and tired Romans stumbled upon a set of lakes. The lakes were clear, and void of all life, sparkling and beautiful. The Hecate wells as they became known were, unbeknownst to the soldiers, magical. The soldiers had a choice of drinking, they could drink from the following wells. Aquilo, or the power of wind. Fictilis, or power of Earth. Accendo, or the power of fire. And Aqua, the power of water. The soldiers drank from one well only, for the other wells grew to look as though they were poisoned to them, and one could not achieve multiple powers either way, except through some other variety of magic.

Other Peoples

The Aesuculetum, the peoples of the woods. These folks are physically strong and large, and generally do not harness magical powers with the exception of rare witch doctors. They live in tribes and are generally hostile, and prefer to set up ambushes in the woods before closing with axes and smashing their opponents. Their chiefs have control over the tribe completely, with no semblance of democracy or anything like that in society. The business of the men is war and hunting, and the women to cook and assist in home-building and clothes making. They speak the language of Baritus, a language often not understood by those outside their land. They own the western forest lands, and will defend these lands to the death.

The Incultus, the peoples of the desert. Physically strong and hardy, though not so large as the Aesuculetum; these people often have magical properties to them. They live under one united empire, a semi-democratic republic that’s heavily reliant on birthright. They have also harnessed the awesome power of the Barrus, a huge tusked beast which is nigh unstoppable by normal means. They prefer to fight in looser Phalanxes with light infantry and heavy cavalry support, but are often diplomatic and prefer peace to war. Aristocrats generally control cities, with police forces, the Custodia, keeping law and order in their cities. The society is generally not segregated, with either sex able to do as they please. They own the southern desert lands, and do not hesitate to destroy foreign invaders.

The Acroceraunia, the peoples of the hills. They’re about equal in physical size and strength with the Romans, they have magical prowess a fair amount of the time. They’re highly religious, and worship those with powers as demi-gods. They have a direct democracy for a government, and are divided into city-states rather than tribes or empires. Their military is highly dependant on the Phalanx, with light cavalry and perhaps some archers as supporting troops. They often fight against one another, and aren’t terribly opposed to war, though they are friendly unless they have a reason not to be. Their society is essentially this, the male citizens are warriors, the female citizens take care of the city, and the helots (slaves) assist with the women whilst being their inferior. They own the northern lands, and will generally accept visitors despite their militaristic society.

The XVII legion, the native Romans. They’ve set up a democratic nation in the form of old Rome herself, and, despite being the newest of the races here, have already amassed a sizable empire. They haven’t been here long enough to gain natural magical powers, and thus utterly lack it. Their military is that of the traditional Roman style, with Legions and Auxiliaries supporting them. They’re very much united, and have a very organized society. The males and females are no longer segregated, as they have realized that they don’t have the population to do so. They own the eastern land, and keep order on their borders, but often go to war.
(Note: They will be friendly to you.)

Magical Properties

Aquilo- Harnessing the power of the wind allows people to fly short distances, as well as conjure up powerful winds to use against enemies. Finding an Emendo will allow you to conjure up windstorms and tornadoes.

Fictilis- Harnessing the power of the earth allows you to lift and throw otherwise unmovable objects, and allows you to throw them large distances. Finding an Emendo will allow you to make earthquakes happen.

Accendo- Harnessing the power of fire allows you to spit fire and make it in your hands. It also makes you entirely immune to burning. Finding an Emendo will allow you to cause a firestorm, making small bits of fire literally rain from the sky in your location.

Aqua- Harnessing the power of water allows you to lift and move water in ways thought impossible, and cause huge waves on large bodies of water. This power also allows you to breath in water. Finding an Emendo will allow you to conjure up a 100-foot tsunami, or cause a flood via rain.


An Emendo is an ancient artifact transported here from when the Earth was created. An Emendo is a small round metal tablet about the size on an egg, and there are five scattered around the world of Abucredo. Having one on your person is known to increase your magical prowess greatly, and they’re highly, highly valued. Currently, each race possesses one, but the last is thought to be even more powerful, and is called the “Optimum Emendo”. This stone is though to grant it’s user the power to control all four of the powers, and is unbelievably sought after. It’s been declared a myth by some, but others...they continue looking, and would kill for it.

Magical sub-groups
(Choose one of these as well as your main group)

Flying- Allows you to fly much higher, and for much greater distances. Group(s): Air.

Grass- Allows you to shoot blades of grass at terminal velocity, or just control it in general. Group(s): Earth

Steel- Allows control of steel, letting you shoot it out or combine it to form tools. Group(s): Fire

Psychic- Allows you to read the minds of others, and perhaps control some worldly elements via your mind. Group(s): Universal

Dark- Allows you to suck up all nearby light, creating an utter darkness in which only you can see. Group(s): Fire

Ghost- Allows you to transform yourself into an otherworldly being, granting you the ability to pass through solid objects unhindered. Group(s): Water, Air, Earth

Bug- Allows the user to command swarms of bugs, which can then be used to attack enemies or do misc. activities. Group(s): Earth

Dragon(Fire)- Grants the ability of an improved fire breath, and some ability to fly. Group(s): Fire

Dragon(Air)- Allows the user some reduced ability to breath fire. Group(s): Air

Fighting- Grants improved skill in hand to hand combat, and improved reflexes. Group(s): Universal

Ice- Allows the ability to freeze water, and use ice shards to attack enemies. Group(s): Water

Rock- Allows improved control of rock, and the ability to compact loose minerals into solid rock for improved damage. Group(s): Ground

Electric- Allows control of lighting, and the ability to shock enemies. Group(s): Air

Poison- Allows the user to create poisons to use in combat...or for darker purposes. Group(s): Universal

Origin of Peoples

Aesuculetum- The original owners of the shrine of Caerimonia Aedicula, they worshiped it and made “sacrifices” to it by throwing their people into it. This put them into Abucredo and once there they settled and formed independent tribes.

Incultus- A small expedition of Carthaginians found the artifact with the tribe, and took it home. Once at home, the leader had a similar idea to the Romans, but was more successful in getting his army through. They quickly settled, and now fight for themselves rather than Carthage.

Acroceraunia- The Carthaginians sold it to the Greeks soon after, realizing the danger within the shrine. The Greeks sent followers of their gods into it as a rite of passage for enlightenment, but soon after getting it it was abandoned. The number of people sent through was still enough to make a small empire in the world of Abucredo.

XVII Legion- In an unknown way, the shrine ended up in the teutoburger forest, and when the Roman legion was trapped in the battle of this forest, they used the shrine as an escape route.
So, there's your lore, Warhawk.
Post on In Glory We Return.

You decided not to join because it would mess up an existing character. MAKE A NEW ONE and play in the kind of RP you enjoy.

I know, i'm not sure why I dropped that one! I feel... I dont know. I will pick it up again though :)
Sweet mother of mercy... THAT'S A LOT!!!

...and not entirely what I had in mind, but I think I could use it to some degree.
Don't mention it.
Now you need to decide...

Is it A:

The legionnaire fell backwards and landed on his rear. The bright red squirrel on his shoulder chittered as it attempted to keep its balance.
"The tree is moving Chip! It is trying to kill me!"

The squirrel flicked its tail. "What did you expect from a fallen ent? Just cast fire upon it already."

"I don't have a tinder box! And it is tying to kill me!" He got to his feet and began to run.

"Just point at it and shout something profound like... like... BOOM!" The squirrel flung its paws out as if exploding. One impacted the man's ear and caused him to flinch just enough that he did not notice the root in his way. He fell hard and the squirrel went flying.

The tree's steps were much to close. The man turned and raised a trembling hand. "B...b-b-b-boom."

There was a calamitous detonation and the tree reeled back, clutching a smoking hole in its bark. It groaned like a tree in high wind and turned to flee. Moments later it was gone from sight.

The squirrel bound on to the shocked solder's shoulder and chittered excitedly. "Boom was very profound... but your delivery needs a lot of work."

Is it B:

The man ran through the tall grass, terrified of the dirt... THING that was following him. It was too big to be a man, and perhaps the tight size to be a cyclops. But everyone knew that cyclops were water creatures, not stone.

The toad the terrified man held in his hands was none to pleased with the situation. "I told you not to go that way. But who listens to a toad? Certainly not you. 'It's only a dirt road' you said. 'What have we to fear from a dirt road?' you said. OW! Quit squeezing me so hard!"

The man was not exhausted yet but he was running out of breath. "Okay. *gasp gasp* You were right. *gasp gasp* What do we do?!"

The toad assumed a haunty tone. "Turn around and let me deal with it."


The toad rolled its eyes. "Heh. 'You?' He says. Like its so hard to believe that one such as myself could not deal with that pile of dirt."

The solder was quite fed up with the toad at this point and turned on his heel and held the toad out in front of himself. "FINE! Prove it!"

"Heh. I think I will." The toad closed its mouth and seemed to balloon slightly. A second later an impossibly large stream of water shot from the frog's mouth, covering the dirt monster in water. It took two more steps before it realized that the stream was rapidly eroding it and turning it into mud. It turned and fled, leaving pieces of mud behind.

The frog croaked contentedly. "Heh. I sure showed him."

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