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I wan't to see how creative you guys can be at creating sightings of a faction I invented a while back.
Name of faction: Shadow Legion
Origin: Unknown
Race: Unknown, but notably humanlike, no sightings of one without a full suit of armor
Appearance: Depending on the suit, decently Bulky, ranging from as thin as a Terran Spectre, to bulkier than a Firebat. Colorscheme is Black, with all energy conduits glowing red, and lines (similar to spectres or protoss) being red also. Their armor is slightly unorthodox with sharp plates and corners, no rounded ends really. Their suits look like they were built from the inside out, with plating placed and designed after the inside of the suit was assembled.

Traits: Silent, will not speak unless ordered to by their leaders, will typically use a voice filter. They are shielded, shields glow red with a hexagonal pattern similar to an Immortal's hardened shields. Weapons range from bullets to ion cannons. They will avoid combat, and will instead watch from a distance, learning about the natives of the Koprulu sector. Their armor is strong, and will shake even a Crucio Shock Cannon blast.

Good luck writing your Sightings.
Reserved in the event that further information is needed.

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