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Well, I found a bit of free-time and was wondering, how is everyone doing? Any good RPs out lately?
Is this a glorious sign!?
Hello. You don't know me (?), but hello anyways. Some decent ones, from what I can tell.
Eh. JoeyRays is kinda going through a slump right now.

A-I'm doing Fine, and
B-There are some great rps out right now, ^^
Tears come to my eyes, but my facial features don't change. I crush NickDaMan's head as a sign of hello. "Good RPs, not that I know of, other than 'In Glory we Return' and 'Reaper'."
Well... I guess I stand corrected... oops, nevermind then.
=D (Again)
She rebooted JtG.
At any rate, glad to see that the bar is alive and well, seeing as I got, 1.. 2... 6 responses within a minute.
DOG PILE HIM WITH AFFECTION! (Don't know if I'm serious...)
Glad to see some older members stopping by.
You staying or going?
Hai. Nice to see you back.

I think we're all doing okay (none of us are dead, anyway), and as for good RPs, you'll have to decide that. I don't know what you consider to be good.
12/20/2012 05:56 PMPosted by smylez
You staying or going?

Maybe a little of both. I know that I WILL be back wen HOTS comes out, and I will be on at LEAST a few times until then.
Well, it's good to see you again. Only three more months!

Holy hell, I need to finish The Ascension before then...
I slap Nick on the back, accidentally knocking him over. "Oops, my bad." I help him up. "Glad to see you again."

I missed Nick, didn't I.


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