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Alright, so I can answer these questions all reasonably, starting with Dac's.

1) It wasn't a successful thing because the Humans were also very focused on expansion, so more often then not the militant Replons would be called off to fight monsters.

2) Ser and Chaos will both be explained as the RP progresses.

3) The dreamworld was developed as things happened, with it's completion happening shortly before The Breaking, and the only time they stopped working on it was during the first cataclysm, which I'm still working on a name for.

4) Back to the Human-Elf relations, they were never close anyways, and with the elves living mostly in the trees (note: this will affect their weapon choices), the Humans couldn't influence them outside of keeping them in a tree, which they didn't mind.

5) This addresses Morph's question about the sentient races. They are, for now, the only playable ones. There are two other sentient races you'll run into early in the RP, but they're minor and relatively unimportant outside of a couple of events.
1) Okay, but you should explain this in the lore.

2) Sounds good.

3) Unless I missed it, this also lacked explanation in lore. Any particular reason why they built it?

4) See #1. :P
ahhhhh ok ....... probably gona go with an elf once this starts ........ maybe
This is why I ask for input. Give me a few minutes and I'll see what I can add.
now we just need magic, tech level (possibly), a description of other races, and perhaps a more indepth look at the cataclysms/wars that have taken place.
That's all in the works right now. And the lore edit is up.
ok ....... gona go kill stuff in SC2 campaign ...... maybe
Here's the magic so far.

Blade Craft- Blade craft is for those who use the great sword or Long sword and their combinations. These magic users have learned how to exert their will power to create attacks using sword blades made of pure energy to attack in various ways. Blade storms, sword blades that extend from your original known as Armageddon blades, endless possibilities await a user of Blade Craft.

Elemental Magic- This magic is often used by the staff wielders, spear wielders, and by a choice few bow wielders, though they choose to use wind and learn unique ways to apply it. This magic is the art of controlling and creating fire and lightening, wind and wind storms, controlling earth and water. Elemental masters can cause wind storms and tornadoes while destroying their enemy with a blast of fire. There is no true limit to what an elemental master can do, only their imagination.

Shadow Magic- This is exclusive to staff wielders and only a choice few are truly able to handle this magic, who’s source is Chaos in origin. These dark magicians can manipulate an opponents mind, or shred them to pieces with a point of their finger, or even summon creatures and demons from the deepest reaches of Hell. These magicians have no equal, and are to be feared if not on your side.

Restoration Magic- This magic is founded on the very essence of what Ser is, and is often employed by someone with a more supportive role for the more powerful spells, while the combat oriented only take time to learn the basics and a few intermediate. Using this type of magic, you can heal grievous wounds, and, if you are fast enough, even revive a fallen comrade.

Tech Abilities- These come from those who have, at some point in their life, lost an arm or other body part to battle against those who would steal the Ser and replaced it with a Replon part. These people have unique powers and abilities that only someone like them can do. Don’t ever underestimate them.

**Note: If you take two Replon arms, you get only the Tech Abilities. If you take one arm, you have a limited amount of magic and the Tech Abilities.
EDIT: would using multiple magics be possible (Example: Restoration and Elemental)
Definitely. However, Blade Craft and Shadow magic are the only restricted ones by weapon. However, weapon combinations are possible. The ones I'll list are just ideas so you know.
ok .... elf with elemental and restoration ..... *evil smile as i start coming up with stuff for this*
Feel free to post your character. I'll let you know if it fits.
Weapons list (General idea for starters)

Great sword
Twin great swords
Long sword
Twin long swords
Long sword and Replon arm
Twin Replon arms
Wolverine claws (For lack of a better description)
Martial arts and bow
Martial arts
Destroyer Cannon (http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_mde2fcv8Tb1re7a9zo1_r1_500.png Looks like what he‘s holding)
Magic Revolver
Ok, here's three ideas I have so far.

Idea One:
Female Human
Replon Arm and a Dagger
Tech Arm that has a 'sniper', flamethrower, with an EDS (Electric Discharge System) for melee
Uses Restoration, but restricted due to Tech Arm.

Idea Two
Human Male
Dual Replon Arms and a Switchaxe
Two tech arms with Flamethrower and Rapid Cannon with claws
Mercenary who doesn't care who he works with.

Idea Three
Human Female
Staff and Sword
Blade Craft and Shadow Magic, corrupt by Chaos to destroy the Ser crystals
Identity unknown, and controls various hostile people.
They all look good. Could be interesting. Ya'll are gonna hate me, but my guys will be intense >:) Course, I'm the DM, so of course they are.
I guess I could be part of the Antagonist group? Otherwise, I'm goin with Idea One.
It's up to you. One way or another you all form your own Ser Hunting Parties.
Rough Draft of my character. I wont post the final for a few weeks, so I'll have plenty of time for revision.

Name: Atrox the Shadowman
Race: Some folk say Human, others say....well, nevermind.
Gender: Male?
Weapons: Staff and "Aquilis" the magical shadow bow of the before times.
Magic: Shadow and Elemental

Appearance: He wears a hooded blue robe, with a white hood that hides much of his face. Heavy black boots.

GTG, will do the rest later.
"Now for you to add character sheet format." An evil grin spreads across my face as I think of the horrors I could unleash into this RP. Namely myself.
That...may not be done for a bit. I still need to write up humans and elves.

Humans- The most abundant and battle hardened of all the races, they’ve discovered that while they can’t begin using the Replons again, they can start implementing Replon parts to replace anything lost in battle against the bandits. Also the most weapons available, they can use any weapon or combat form.

Elves- The Elves of Serin are a dying race, so to speak. With so many having gone to the Dreamworld, Genevrath, there are few left who will aide in protecting the Ser pieces. Those that remain stick to their age old habit of living in trees, and generally prefer bows, martial arts, and spears to fight, usually a combination of any of the three. A choice few learned to use swords, but all but three of them went to Genevrath.

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