Random Christmas Rant

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Happy holidays everyone. I posted this here, because, I don't facebook and I just needed somewhere to type up some thoughts. I'm not looking for any advice or anything, but am I alone in the story I'm about to share. I hope I am in a sense.

So I work all the time. ALL THE TIME. I went from 7 days a week to 6 days a week to just have a day off to be able to plan for whatever may come up in life and to spend time with the family. I have been working two jobs for as long as I remember working in the first place and school part-time. I am a step father of two and I recently took up the entire months bills because my lady is going to school full time now. I went on a MISSION to find their gifts and some were in such demand that I couldn't find them all. The day comes to open presents and I get complaints...wtf.

They're not bad kids, but those moments man...
Can't wait til they learn the value of a dollar, yet, they'll only know once they start paying their own bills and no one is dishing out to pay for electric, water, roof over the head, INTERNET (which they think is free like education), and clothes (of which I pretty much only buy for work purposes myself).


That feels a little better. TY Starcraft community.

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