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12/30/2012 08:01 PMPosted by SlnderBurito
Jester, silly. Who else would own the Zerg train? :D

"Good point. I assumed it was smylez, but it was a bit too insane for him, and......Well, I'm not going to spoil anything else. Consider me a lowly cerebrate under you then." I bow to HBRB, then go to my seat.

12/30/2012 08:02 PMPosted by xer
Again, this was from an alternate dimension in an alternate universe.

"I have no clue why some dimension would consider me a direct threat. Along with that, new laws and rules of physics, so that suit will most likely be useless now." I shrug to myself, and fiddle with my wrist computer, investigating data on something.
I lied again, then that is some Alternate Universe you are from... To bad that you don't know how to truly deal with the Red Bird. XD

The Raven of ever changing change, lovely ain't it.
I tinker with the armor, a strange yellow glow just on the surface. "Hey Jester, come check the power box for me, I think there's some bugs in it."
"Would it not be nice if science proved there was no such thing as alternate dimensions and universes? It would go a long way to curb unstoppable forces and unmovable objects."
I split in half, and both halves regrow. One copy of me walks over to the box and Zarkun, the other stays where it is, taking a drink of Vodka.
"What's up?" I ask
"I am sincerely sorry, but I have visited that alternate dimension. Different physics, different laws, and most importantly, all the so called threats are so much weaker than everyone here."
I indicate the box, and it's continual sparking. "Every time I think I got it fixed and turn it on, that happens."
The copy of me picks up the box, and asks "What does it do, so I know what kind of !@#$ I'm getting into?"
"I miss the trolls."
"Supposed to power the shields and armor abilities, maybe even a wrist mounted laser if I can make it work."
Lied again.

12/30/2012 08:22 PMPosted by smylez
"I miss the trolls."
What are you going to do... Just give out invitations?
The copy nods, and its arm mutates into a set of biological tools. The copy takes a seat near Zarkun, disassembling the box and making fixes to it when needed.
While it does that, I return to working on the helmet, making sure the HUD and other things worked properly.
"Smylez, xer is god modding in PRP, how can that not be trolling?"
"I've seen crazier things. He's just a little kitteh compared to us lions."
"I am not a lion. I am a Shadow Wolf. Why do you use cat terminology?"
12/30/2012 08:30 PMPosted by smylez
"I've seen crazier things. He's just a little kitteh compared to us lions."

"Don't forget that even the smallest rock can destroy a city, depending on the cities position, material makeup, ect." My copy at the seat says, taking a drink. The other copy reassembles the box, and hands it back to Zarkun. "Test it real quick."
"And I'm am a proud Pyro Wolf. Not a cat." Taking the box, I turn it on, and for once, no sparks. "Finally, thanks."
12/30/2012 08:34 PMPosted by ShadowFury
"I am not a lion. I am a Shadow Wolf. Why do you use cat terminology?"

"I like felines. Besides, my metaphor get's the point across. Sheesh, so picky."

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