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12/28/2012 01:44 PMPosted by Warhawk
I just realized something... Markus hasn't been on in a while... We all know what this means... There's going to be another RP coming up from him...
My thoughts exactly. At least his RPs are a lot of fun. They just move too fast...
Hopefully this one won't be alongside a story.

I have an alternate theory though, Mark hates fantasy RPs, and Joeyray's is lacking in Sci-Fi right now...
*Cough* *Cough* Too strict *Cough* *Cough*

We all have our preferences.
I'm not just talking about SS either.
That's true, his RP's tend to follow a specific plot-line rather closely.
More like it up the @ss and makes it give it a blow job.
That's okay in moderation...but when everything has to follow a gets annoying quick. *coughBParegodsofwarcough*
I slap Dac upside the head. "No, Kratos is the God of War."
I slap zarkun upside the head. "!@#$ that %^-*. Ares for the win. Kratos is a kiss-!@#."
"And yet," I summon the Blade of Olympus and run Jester through with it, "He killed Ares."
I smack both of you across the head. "THERE ARE MANY GODS OF WAR! AND KRATOS IS NOT A GOD OF WAR! IF HE IS BASED OFF OF WHO HIS NAME SUGGESTS HE IS THE TITAN OF TIME!" I then continue after a deep breath, "The gods of war include, but are not limited to, Ares, Mars, Horus, Bast, and many others. For a complete list go to the link provided at the end of this rant."

"And never mind, I just saw Kratos on that list, and he represents strength and power. But in reality, I bet Ares would defeat him, even if Kratos is a titan. And if so, Athena combined with Ares would destroy Kratos with ease, both are war gods. Just Ares is the blood lusting one and Athena is the strategist one."
The Blade passes through air, and I claw zarkun's eyes out. "Mortals can't kill gods, unless a god makes the other mortal." I headbutt SF. "Thank you captain. I knew this !@#$ already."
I elbow Jester in the gut and take his head off, kicking SF down the incinerator. "I knew all that. My point is that Kratos is twice the bad @ss Ares is."
My halves regenerate together, and I get up and cut zarkun in half with a Hellblade.
I climb back up without my legs and look at my lost half of a body. "Facts are facts. The game is not how it would work in reality. In reality even Kronos would have a hard time defeating Ares, and Zeus as well."
The double vanishes and I come out of a wall, running Jester through. "No Hellblades." I kick it from his hand.
*Bar's TV begins showing SlnderBurito's progress in the Trial of the Five Doors*

"Very well. That is the reply that the One would give... but you are not finished yet."

A door appears in the emptiness.
"Oh for the love of...." I unplug the cable and take down the TV, putting it in a box and closing it. "We all know it's him, you dunce. We don't care to watch him." Noticing the looks, I shrug. "Least I didn't shoot it."

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