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A shot from an Incinerator Cannon disintegrates Zarkun. "Be nice now."
I step out from the shadows, my cloak wearing off as the Venator armor appeared. "I didn't shoot him. That damn Crawler Snipe did." Pulling out my BR, I take out the Snipe. "F*cking things."
*I pulled out the same Energy Sword that I took from Jester, the same one that I blocked with my hand.* XD
I look from Jester to CR and slowly back away. "I'm staying out of this one."
12/31/2012 06:17 PMPosted by CrymsonRaven
Adjustable breech? What's that?
an adjustable breech is a breech (where you put rounds) that can change size allowing for a .... modicum of ..... projectiles, a Psionic Cooler for instance.

I look at Zarkun from the door. "That was just an illusion. And so is this my real self is ...... preoccupied at the moment." I walk back to my seat and put away the rifle. "No rifle for you I was offering it to Jester."
I switch to my Suppressor and shoot Morph into unconsciousness. "What? Only a fool thinks we die in here."
The illusion disperses and another appears in my usual seat. "Please stop destroying my Illusions would ya? Just because my body is preoccupied doesn't mean my mind is not inhabiting this illusion that is remarkably life like."
I kick Morph's real body into wakefulness. "Dude, you're dreaming splitting again."
I look at CR, and draw two Energy Swords. "This isn't going to end well for you...."
I curse and leap behind cover, activating my Promethean Vision to watch. "Morph, don't get involved."
*I then showed my fist, the one that was impervious to Energy Swords.*
The same one that blocked yours...
I awake and pull out a hyper-light accel rifle, aim at zarkun and pull the trigger sending a chunk of steel into his face at somewhere around 15 times the speed of light. Right after I pull the trigger I snap out of the automatic 'kill person who so rudely woke me up' reflex. "Sh!t ........"

Ha! Already behind cover.
It would have gone through the cover. Unless it can somehow survive an impact from something going 15 times the speed of light.
It's the bar. Who knows.
this is true .....

I turn to look at CR and Jester. Stalker armor appears and I jump behind the same bit of cover that Zarkun has. "Mind if I join you?"
I shake my head. "Not at all. It's gonna get ugly. I watched CR defect that sword...Jester was pissed."
Hell ya! I blocked it and killed him with a punch I believe... Or was it a bullet to the head?
I poke my head up, deactivating my Promethean Vision temporarily. "Bullet to the head. It takes longer to recover from sword melee then regular." I duck back down, reactivating the Vision.
I activate Promethean vision on my armor as well. "This will be .... Interesting."

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