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I nod, waiting for the clash to start. "You know, I always thought it would be cool to actually dual wield swords in game."
"That would be a nice thing for them to add to Halo."
I nod and draw my BR, glancing over the top of the cover. "You two can start any second now." I indicate the large group of Flood waiting for them to start. "We're all waiting on you."
Nah, but do you know what would be cool? DUAL WIELD GRAVITY HAMMA'S! And I don't want to strike a foe that wont post back at this moment.
A Flood walks up and raises his weapon to strike Jester. "He will though."
The Flood drops to the floor in four pieces, and with a single boost of thrust (Without falling off the map) my first blade was at CR's throat while my other blade was in his right shoulder.
"Next time, it will be the Gravity Hammer."
*My blade that I had stolen from Jester pushed back the one at my throat. While my hand grabbed the other blade and yanked it out, throwing it across the room. Thus impaling an infected.*
There's a roar as the Flood rush forward and I pop up. "Lock and load ladies." I fire on the first one, headshot right away. I keep up the fire as this song starts playing.
CR is sent flying back by a Gravity Hammer, which I had on my back. I pull out a grenade launcher, and start firing at the flood, my off-hand swatting away Tank Forms with one swing of my hammer.
A bubble shield is erected at my spot, the grenades hit. Destroying the shield but not my body. Spitting out blood onto the ground, then gripping a pistol that was in my holster. Going Cowboy repeater on him.
I split my body into two, the two parts regenerating. One starts up a Hard-light shield in one hand and fires into the flood with the Grenade Launcher, the other calls down a Warrior PCM and starts wrecking Flood in hand-to-hand with ease.
I open fire with my Judgement. Various items go flying; chunks of various material, various furniture, drinks, hard light, and even dead Flood ...... Wait how am I firing dead Flood?
As the Flood grow closer, several Spartan IV's and Gladiators run in, opening fire. I switch to the Suppressor and open fire. "Keep the pressure!"
The Flood were becoming dangerously close and I actually didn't even have a second clip of ammunition. But I had something... Pushing a button the floors where the Flood were walking split open and they fell into my old Arena, down there were my creatures that I captured. The floors closes back up.
I toss CR a wrist band. "It's programmed to take your favorite Halo 4 armor and give you your favorite load out. Lock and load!"
A mechanical roar is heard, and the Warrior PCM charges into where the Flood are spawning, smashing and destroying everything on its way. The other clone walks back to where Zarkun is, and takes cover near him.
"Damn it." It says, reloading. "Next time, I get the controls for the Containment Room."
ummmmm ...... ya know you just made this even worse cause what ever you had down there will likely become infected ......

"This is fun." I say putting my Judgement away for now and pulling out a Railgun, Spartan Lazer, and Binary Rifle setting them out infront of me.
Morph... It's Zerg, they can assimilate the infection and be immune to it in no time... So in fact, I'm helping them.

And I guess I can use it...
"You did have the controls. Unless some one stole them." I reload and open fire again, killing three in one burst. "Wonder how much trouble we'll get in with Zanon when he see's the mess."
"That's why I clean my mess up." Looking around I press the button... I appear in the armor that SF said that he envied. "He envied my armor... Let me see... Assault Rifle, Plasma Pistol, Jet Pack..."

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