Zanon's PRP Bar (Part 16)

Joeyray's Bar
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It checks its wrist locator. "Not with us. Someone else has it." It puts away the Grenade Launcher, and draws dual Incinerator Cannons, and starts firing. Armor starts appearing over it.
zerg ..... ah carry on ......

As for the mess .......... shall I call in a sonic cleansing when we are done here? it'll vaporise anything organic ..... I can set it up so your zerg are not affected CR.
I shake my head, leaping up and over one of the Flood and slamming my knife into it's head, killing it as I kill others. "Nah. Let's see what he has to say."
"Morph, my Zerg should be fine, they are under many stories of this Bar. And they'll clean up their own mess." Still deciding on my loadout.
"OK ....." I trail off as I pick up the Spartan Lazer and start to massacre more Flood.
I rip my knife out of the dead Flood's head and sheath it, firing on more Flood as I return to the cover. "Man, they're persistent. ETA on pursuit of the theif?"
Annnd that was one random Haloverse invasion.
"It's still going on you gona help kick !@#? or you gona leave?" I ask as I switch to the Railgun.
Two roars were heard, and a wall breaks down. A Flood Juggernaut was fighting the Warrior PCM. Attached to the Juggernaut was a control unit. The clone starts firing on it, and says "Don't get close to it, it can destroy Pelicans with little issue."
I nod, maintaining a steady rate of fire on the hoard. Then Promethean Knights appear. "Not what we need right now."
I shift from firing on the regular Flood to shooting up the Jugernaught. "Eat lead creep!"
The Juggernaut turns around, and slams a tendril into Morph, then goes back to fighting the PCM.
"I'll just behind here..." I sneak around and behind the bar. Making my own drinks during the fights and drinking them all. "Call me when you're over."
Rickroll music starts playin and you see a herd of banelings roll towards the flood, turning all of them into a gooey puddle. "That was easy" I say as I am riding my Legendary Dragon
I start chucking grenades into the approaching horde;
"KO's imperials would be nice to have right about now..."
I shake my head and take out another group. "Until they get infected. Then we'd have more trouble then we need." Several Prometheans open fire on us and I duck down, pulling War with me. "Watch your head, Binary Rifles hurt."
Miror B. Battle Music turned on, taking out Rickroll and the Banelings with just a Ludicolo. "Mecha, we have this... And you can't read... Can you?" Sipping the prized Lorian Rum... "Delicious!"
I stand back up and set aside the Rail gun again pulling out my Judgement and pumping various items into the flood, which just happens to include Mecha and his dragon. ..... Wait again how?
I saw that some of the Flood survived, they were assimilating the melted genes of the Banelings. "Mecha... Look at what you've done..."
I activate a score of flame turrets, roasting the flood;
"That should help."

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