Zanon's PRP Bar (Part 16)

Joeyray's Bar
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*TV continues running despite being unplugged*
XD This is getting good.
When the challenger passes the Second Door, he finds himself in a green room filled with plants. A single large ant of genus Formica suddenly stings him on the shoulder.

How will he react?
He's going to devour it and add it to his genes.
My body fluids consume zarkun's weapon, and the Hellblade, having a will of its own, runs through zarkun. My wounds heal up, and I chuckle.
I pull out the unharmed blade and destroy the Hellblade. "Foolish mortal, I cannot be killed."
"Foolish mortals, I drugged your drinks. Stop hallucinating."
I laugh. "I didn't drink anything, infidel!"
12/28/2012 03:15 PMPosted by Zarkun
I laugh. "I didn't drink anything, infidel!"
Or did you? *My head turning all around*
The Hellblade breaks the unharmed blade and attacks the T.V., turning it inside out. It returns to its sheath, and my clone disappears in a blue mist.
Jester and Zarkun see me turn into a talking hippogrifmoose.

"Are you really sure?"
Besides the fact that I'm not even there? Good try.
A hidden TV screen drops down with me on the feed. "I'm on Neptune, nomming on tacos, so....yeah."
I sigh and talk to Discord as I pass out drinks. "This devolved surprisingly quickly."

Discord crosses his arms. "What did you expect? You left me with these people for the duration of your absence. I took advantage of it."
"Knarled, make another Inn so I can turn this place inside out then make it implode into a vacuum of chaos."
"I do believe the Inn is finished, SF. Now that Zanon's back...well, there's no point in resisting."
*I look at the ant, and frown* You don't seem to understand. I have already analyzed your poison, separated it from my bloodstream, and dissipated it into a gas. Your poisons means nothing to me.
Someone asked me to make another one?

Now I will have to.

The ant, irritated, tries a bite instead, slicing open the challenger's skin and spraying a bit of acid into the cut.

^Ants really can do this.
I'll take 1 of everything, Also, can I get 1000 of each drink accessory.

And hurry up, I'm already drunk and seeing random nyan cats.

Quadruple Rainbow all across my face.

I've been drinking since 7 years from tomorrow

*over cellfone* What do you mean your out of all drugs? What? I ordered all of them?

Got any fuzzys? I could sure use a stone.

Octuple Rainbow all the way across my face.

WHeRe Is DRuGs?
*Walking slowly over the town clinic, one ran by the Infamous Smylez* We have a delusional customer... Can you deal with him please?

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