Zanon's PRP Bar (Part 16)

Joeyray's Bar
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I walk back into the bar, securing my DMR from Halo 4 on my back, changing my armor from vulnerable to invulnerable on my pitboy from Fall Out: New Vegas and removing my N7 helmet from Mass Effect 3.

"Sorry, I've been busy. Not that anybody really cares." I nod to certain individuals who even care to glance at me (Which is pretty much just "Dodger," my cat :P) and take a seat at a the bar.

"Anyone miss me?" I ask with a grin that portrays my intentions aren't to play a sympathy card, but to get a reaction to find out whether or not I am still semi-accepted in Joeyray's.
"Don't start another RP, not now. Zarkun, Jester, and myself are all working on a Sci-fi one, and from that post I am thinking you will enjoy it."
Lol, it sucks that I have a reputation for starting RPs...

It just so happens that the last RP I made sucked... So until I make another successful one I will go down in history for making the stupid RPs.

I can't wait to join a RP. I just wish some good ones would come out... No offense to... Anybody.


The reason I start so many RP's, even if they fail, is because I am inspired easily. I watch a movie and the first thing that comes to my head is making a RP about it... It's sad but true. That and the fact that whenever a RP of mine ends I want to go join a few RP's, I then am faced with Fantasy's and stuff... Believe me, it's depressing.

Believe me though, SS has taught me a HUGE lesson. Like... I cannot even describe to you how clear my mistakes have been revealed to me. I am 10,000 times better as a person, a RPer, a storyteller/writer, you name it! You are looking at Markus 2.0!

I hope some of the crap I got myself into has cleared. I hoped it would after my short break from Joeyray's.

But I have to be honest... I HAVE been thinking about starting another RP. BUT WAIT!! Before you get your panties in a bunch I want to say it will be a simple, EXTREMELY flexible, objective RP. Much like Zarkun's RP, Final Stand, except... With a little more guideline, I feel that is why that one died.

Oh yeah... And in response to a certain someone who mentioned Black Peace as being God's of War, I just want to say: That was the idea -_- They were suppose to be like the Reapers in Mass Effect in a way, just epic destruction to unite everybody. Instead it turned into a flame war about who had higher tech and... All kinds of crap.

The reason why I even rehash that is to say, I wasn't trying to make my faction the biggest baddest bada$$es, I was trying to make a certain enemy in a certain RP to unite the RPer's characters, motovations, and otherwise fuel the RP.

Now I see, that kind of action doesn't work in RP's, only stories. For... Various reasons... (Aren't you proud of me? I didn't rehash it... AGAIN!)
Okay, how long have I been gone?
I don't know Keeper of Time... I just don't know.

Markus, it's not that we didn't want to join together, but you also have to remember on how you executed it, pieced it together, and if the Black Peace were like the Reapers....... You have a lot of work to get that right, I found them nothing similar.

Reapers are much, much more dangerous. In my opinion.
Hello, Hourglass.

And what's going on here, Zanon does not do bars anymore....

I've been gone lately, Xmas and all, and I've been working on a new, super tech guide website & blog thing, don't ask me for a link, it's not finished yet.
Zanon is back again, his retirement didn't work out...Fully... And he took the bar back.
I lean back in my chair, propping the back against the wall and watching the Chaos. "You know Discord, I wasn't that bad."
I re-appear in the bar, the Hellblade on my back, and a drink in hand. "So, anything interesting happened?"
yay mark is back :P been wondering where you were. kinda mad at you though .... meh nothing I can do about SS. sigh gotta go shovel my drive
Good to have you back Mark. My only real complaint about your RP's is that they move to fast. (NOT that there's really anything you can do about, it's just your RP's seem to be quite popular)
"Popular, or easy to fill with as much BS as we did PKA. Not sure which yet. My only suggestion is that rather than try and make an RP, join one and just be an RPer, and not a DM, for a bit. Give your brain some rest." I sip my Redstone mixer, a hand resting on my revolver to discourage pick pockets.
12/29/2012 09:38 AMPosted by Warhawk
Good to have you back Mark. My only real complaint about your RP's is that they move to fast. (NOT that there's really anything you can do about, it's just your RP's seem to be quite popular)

back from shoveling my drive. what War said. though i am mad that you just .... dropped SS .... didn't get to settle the debt Kit had with Devroy or even truly bring in the Elerians .... sigh oh well perhaps in your next one.
You know Morph, the one SF, Jester, and I are working on gives you a chance to use the Elerians. They'd have to come in way late into the game, but it could work.
Hold on... there's an RP coming from the three of you?...
hmmmm well thats fine I'd bring in Kit early though *disguised as something likely human*
Indeed. We'll get the PreRP up...relatively soonish. We're still lining out vehicles and lore and such. Morph, that'll be fine, but she'll have to leave the NRR at the door. No OP stuff this time around.
"I get to use MOAH MACHINES! I think I'm DMing the machines, right Zarkun?" I glance at him, taking a drink.
"I believe that's how this will work. We'll figure it out on DA."
Well cool... I could really use a Sci-Fi RP, Fantasy RP's are fun, but there's really something fun about really big laser cannons...


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