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"Perfect, you can be with SF's faction." I take a seat, eating a sandwich.
Zarkun: have I ever abused the NRR? but she'll leave it in the Anatoga which I may also bring in. hmmm ...... perhaps I'll just have the Anatoga drop her off then go back to the Elerian fleet for a time .......
There will be plenty of other Transports, so that would be best.
:P hmmmm now .... should I do an alternate timeline version or have this set after SS? before SS? gah ...... decisions decisions
This is as if SS never really happened. You'll understand when you see the Human Lore and such.
Good. When you try to include the stories and lore from too many RP's things can get too crazy.
kk still ...... dammit gona wait till you get the OP up so i can view lore and what not .....
Oh, there won't be an OP...not exactly...You'll see.
Ok well till I can see whatever the frack you use for posting lore and what not.

You're kinda needed in This is Their Story.
Whoops, sorry I missed that...
did this go straight from 5 to 16 or did i miss 8 or so?
"No one is being Alien. Everyone is going to be human."
"Cept for me, whose being Human and Machine. But why no Alien?" I inquire.
"You, Zarkun and I DM aliens and machines, while everyone RPs as human, until further notice."
I don't know why my RP's always go really fast. It seems as though that's just the way it happens. I want to join all of everyone's Sci-Fi RP's. War put it nicely... There is just something about big laser guns >:)
Well cool... I could really use a Sci-Fi RP, Fantasy RP's are fun, but there's really something fun about really big laser cannons...

Hence why I try to get as close as possible to that in fantasy RPs?

Speaking of which, how far along are you with rewriting the lore for R&R, Zarkun?
No, no , no... Laser cannons, not laser guns. Cannons are bigger.
No, no , no... Laser cannons, not laser guns. Cannons are bigger.


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