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12/29/2012 07:12 AMPosted by CrymsonRaven
Reapers are much, much more dangerous. In my opinion.

Reapers are pathetic, man.

Well cool... I could really use a Sci-Fi RP, Fantasy RP's are fun, but there's really something fun about really big laser cannons...


Not to mention these are the STARCRAFT TWO FORUMS.
Knarled, what I meant was... Compared to the Black Peace from Markus's RP.
12/29/2012 02:53 PMPosted by KnarledOne
Not to mention these are the STARCRAFT TWO FORUMS.

That's what I keep saying. If you want Fantasy, that's fine, just go somewhere else :)

I understand my opinion is not liked and is hardly tolerated though, so... meh, whatever.
Actually, the reason why there was an Fantasy in the first place, was because Smylez decided to make one... I agree with you that this is a Sci-fi place... But it's a nice change to reserve your Science juices while you deplete you Fantasy Juices.

I understand the desire to put fantasy RPs here... people have grown to like this RPing community and want to RP with the people here.

But I still find it weird to do fantasy here. We need our own website.
Duke is working on that for us, he said that it will have chats... Blogs... Etc.

He said that you had to give him the time though.
Maybe I should take over and do it. I have some slight experience with website building.

Primarily under Wordpress, and a little with Wiki, though wiki has a tendency to be overrun by bots.
Interestin', Fantasy is not Fantasy anymore... But Heaven.
Well...that's odd...
What's odd?
You haven't been around long enough to understand Mark. Just trust me on this.
12/29/2012 03:06 PMPosted by KnarledOne
Maybe I should take over and do it

That won't be necessary. I plan to release it on January 25. This new version does not require emails.... I think. It also includes all the old features, + a blog, and forums very much so like these, if you want them.

All you need do at the moment is wait 1 month.
but I dont want to wait a month ...... *trollface* ehh I can wait ..... now to redownload SC2 on this comp ...... I hope it'll work again ......
Any good RPs open right now? No one appears to be interested in mine, so I need something to do in the mean time. Preferably a SCI-FI RP please.

Also, how is my order coming?
JESTER!? We need someone as emergency bartender until Zanon gets here!
I walk up to the bar, my Hellblade vibrating on my back. "Ok, repeat the order real quick."
there currently aren't very many Science Fiction RPs available plenty of 'Fantasy/Medieval' ones though.
Fantasy: Fade, Calm before the Storm, Plague of Soralinas, DarkBlade, Worlds End R&R

Science Fiction: Reaper, From Order Comes Chaos (almost to an end though), In Glory We Return (almost dead and nolonger open as far as I know),

there may be others I am forgeting but ..... meh

"And can I get a 'Little Bit of Everything' run through the accelerator for a week with a Hydra-spine umbrella and some pylon shards please."
"I know that SF, Zarkun and I are working on a Sci-fi, and I am planning on trying something, but I'm going to work the details out with SF and co. on DA before I attempt it."

Mixes up Morph's drink, puts it in the accelerator, skips time forward a week, grabs the drink, rewinds time and hands it to Morph with the Spine in the glass.
"Thanks" I say taking a sip and returning to downloading SC2.
12/29/2012 05:22 PMPosted by Jester
Ok, repeat the order real quick."

One of everything with 1000 of each accessory.

As for the RPs... well thanks for telling me.

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