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I feel like trying out protoss in HotS, I dont think Im gonna switch but I just wanna try out the tempest, can someone tell me some standard protoss build orders for each match up? :D
PvP 3 gate robo can work. Just go for a gate, cyber, and then robo while getting a sentry out and 2nd gas after starting cyber. There are also pheonix plays blink + obs, and dt expand builds.
PvT 1 gate expo into colossi with 2 forge is standard play transitioning into high templar. There are also builds for going high templar first with usually a faster 3rd.
PvZ Forge fast expand into usually some sort of allin immo sentry as an example. There are macro builds, most of which are air->3rd base. There are also robo->3rd plays. This usually ends up getting colossi late game and transitioning into archon+mothership in the late game to deal with bl/infestor
PvP, DT expand :D You'll LOVE it, especially on maps where you can follow up the DT harassment with a warp-prism :D. Otherwise, 1 gate Stargate Phoenix is more popular and transitions into Tempest easily.

PvT, 1 Gate expand WOL style into Robo and colossus, or 1 gate Stargate Oracle + MS Core Expand into Robo or Blink, and in both cases, you can transition to 3 base Tempest quite easily.

PvZ, I love the double stargate after FFE style and use Oracles for inital harass followed by Void ray + chargelot and fast 3rd into Templar/Storm and Archons + cannons for defense and then straight into Fleet Beacon and 4th base while harassing with Zealots, and you can even add a Robo after you have a 3rd and do zealot drops until you have Carrier/Archon/Tempest + Void Rays and High Templar as support and your initial Oracles for detection.

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