What do I use against terran mech?

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What can I use against a tank / hellion / banshee / viking / raven composition? The cloaked banshees are what killed me.

Will pheonix / stalker / immortal / chargelot / obs work?
How many Vikings were there? Sounds like a heavy air composition would do the trick.
if youre going against cloaked banshees get 5 pheonixes and an observer with speed
Immortal + Stalker + Archon, would most likely poop all over that.

A few HT's for feedbacks on ravens wouldn't hurt either.
templar to feedback banshee/ravens, can morph to archons if neccessary. the immortals are important to get hellions out of the way, so that Clots can clean up tanks (although just a ton of immortals will also do the same)
carrier, archon, charglot, a few VR/phoenix and HT
Anything else are useless
templar templar templar
and obs
01/06/2013 12:23 PMPosted by Obsidian
The cloaked banshees are what killed me.

It's very important to make multiple observers against a terran using lots of cloaked banshees. I've won so many games just by sniping observers and being free to kill a protoss army with cloaked banshees.

Archons will do well against tanks and hellions and can assist against air as well. HT can feedback banshees and ravens, preventing PDD from stopping your stalkers or phoenix. Mix in some chargelots as well to help against tanks, although if they have a lot of hellions (they usually won't want too many once they begin to max out) then it's better to just get more archons
HT with storm and feeback (for ravens and PDD) and its adios paper air planes. Stalkers to clean up the mess. Zealots with legs if there are a LOT of tanks. Slow zealots are useless however, and you will need the gateways to support.

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