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Just coming back from a month hiatus (and placed in platinum for the first time too yay!) I noticed there some new maps in the 1v1 pool. Can anyone give me some quick tips for these new maps as a protoss player? What builds work well on them and are there any that are really terran or zerg favoured?

Veto them :D At least the city one (not remembering the name). The ramp is really wide on that map so PvZ is not good, and the third is either way in the open or the other one is way far away.

The other map is alright, there are a couple options for you third. I sorta like it. PvT I do 1 gate expand, feign colossus and go high templar with a relatively fast third. PvZ the ramp is wide as well so walling is a problem. I suggest semi-walling and playing macro instead of allin. Make sure you apply pressure with warp prism or 6 gate or something to take your third, you they will just muta and kill you. PvP, anything goes
Alright thanks for the tips!
Newkirk is easy to abuse for terran and toss because of the much shorter air distance between bases, which I use for zealot drops. A lot of people don't seem to like it because a third can be tough to take, but I've had good games on it.

The other one, I forget the name since I've played it only once or twice, seemed alright, if having somewhat difficult expansions(past 3) to take. Only played pvp though, and the usual mass collosus is great for abusing the many ridges/cliffs

I like them overall, but I wish they came up more often to really get a feel for them
Newkirk I have above 75% win rate PvT and PvZ is above 50% win rate. Taking 3rd is kinda tough, but oddly every PvZ on Newkirk has been a cheese fest (nydus, base in my base, proxy hatch etc).

Akilon Flats is what Ohana should have been. Easier to defend third, slightly larger map. In HotS it is MUCH better with the collapsable rocks to protect a fast third.

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