Dacder's Ice Cream Parlor

Joeyray's Bar
What? Is something wrong? Oh...the octopus...yeah, I don't care what you think.

#1: No fighting- You will be punished.
#2: No insulting the food- You will be punished.
#3: No fighting the system- You fill be punished by the system.
#4: No shirt, no shoes, no service.
#5: Enjoy!


Orange Cream Soda- Delicious sweet creamy orange soda.

Japan Surprise- What do you mean? You're saying you can't stop watching anime because of the drink?!


Bubbly Goodness- What do you mean, "There's rotting flesh in the drink!"?!

Cyanide Speshul- Guaranteed to...well, you know. Kill.

Ice Creams:

Vanilla- It's a classic!

Chocolate & Cyanide- At least your last moments will be tasty!

Fried Vanilla- Will make you fat, and give you a southern accent.


Puffer-fish & White Chocolate- Very, of course it's poisonous!

Popsicle- Favorite of [Copyright violation: Phrase removed]

Will take requests!
"I am not enjoying my time here."
"Well that's because you haven't ordered anything." Says a man with a T-shirt and shorts on. An octopus lies over his head, playing with his ears. "It's an ice cream parlor. You eat ice cream." He says, before throwing the octopus at him, which then takes off Shadowfury's nose before returning to the employee.
Taedaris walks in and reviews the menu. "My boss says he'd be more likely to come if you'd have some less lethal flavors up there for those none Zergy types." He looks again. "And some more Protoss oriented ones would be nice too."
"I said I take requests." The man says, before Godzilla comes out and rips out every last eyelash of Zarkun.
Taedaris leaps out of the way, drawing his Psi-halberd and slashing his hand in half. "I am not my boss, Zarkun. I am the Zealot Elite, Taedaris."
"Never said you were. But now your boss is pissed as hell at you." He says, and Godzilla comes rumbling back into the kitchen, breaking the psi-halberd in half on the way.
Taedaris laughs. "My boss isn't in this dimension, so odds are," He reactivates the halberd with no effort, "he's unharmed."
"You underestimate Godzilla." He says, and Godzilla appears out of nowhere and eats the psi-halberd, dissolving it permanently in the acid in his mouth.
Taedaris shrugs and leaves, placing his halberd back on his back.
I turn into shadow and absorb Godzilla into nothingness. I reform and lick me lips. "That tasted awesome! Dacder, make Godzilla Ice-cream, please."
Suddenly Shadowfury explodes, Godzilla bursting out from inside of him. "They always insist on doing the stupidest things.."
I absorb Godzilla again, it aging rapidly and reducing to nothing. "The shadows consume all, it is only through a matter of time." I walk away and you see a large Godzilla egg sitting next to you. "You are lucky I left it behind."
Suddenly, ShadowFury becomes Godzilla, losing his soul and free-will in the process.

"Next time I'll godmod you. Now order something."
I return to normal. "He was destroyed absolutely. You shall have his child."
The original Godzilla appears from nowhere.

"No u." The worker says, and Godzilla kills him.

(SF: Don't do it....just order...)
He left the shop Dac...
*I walk out of the door and into my Shuttle since I couldn't find the Crazy Old Cat Zergling Lady*
Their is something wrong with the Japan suprise. No Godzilla!!!!!!

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