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oh by the way i don't have enough care to read through any long arguments that have been written (no offense) but another perk to going FFE is that you can get +1 much faster, which makes zealots 2shot zerglings instead of 3shot.
7rr is an all-in.
gate opening vs zerg is a choice you make based upon timings of your scout. If your gonna gate first then you want to make sure hes opening standard and not dropping an early pool to punish the fact that 6 lings can kite a zealot all day.

When you see GM's and pros doing certain things they are meta gaming each other. They know the other player. Example in GM you might end up playing the same guy 6-8-10 times in a row because there is only 200 GM's in NA and of the 200 only a small amount of them are looking for a game when you are.

So its hard to say well gee the pros or GM's can do this or that why cant I? ITs not unusual to scout at 14-17 supply in GM because your meta gaming your opponent there. However if its someone you have never played before or are not sure of his meta game then you scout earlier.

My point is that scouting determines if you can go gate first in many zerg matchups. Naniwa does it but again he is using the meta game of his opponents to open gate first. So in response to the question I would scout early, scout often if your gonna do a gate first expand. Pool before 2:00 and you need to FFE. Anything after 2:00 and the zerg is playing standard......at least standard enough to go gate first rather then FFE.

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