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hello, I lose about 80% of my zvt games and am having trouble with mech. typically i lose every game because they fast expand build up an army of mass thors, seig tanks, and helions. I cannot stop them from expanding to 3 bases because of seig tanks and by the time my broodlords come up they are already steamrolling through my expos. I was wondering if i could get some tips and the timings on when they typically push out. Thanks
01/13/2013 04:56 PMPosted by DirtyGerd

All I can say is 2 bumps in less than an hour looks real desperate man. I hope someone can help you.
well i just won a game against terran by getting three bases, then teching really fast to bl while i harassed with mutalisk. Is this how you go about it?
Watch Husky and Day9, absorb, and apply
make ling bane... amove
creep spread. overlord sight on dead space to see drops. make lings. make infestors. :)
TC specified mech as giving him trouble. Traditionally, roaches are built against mech, use them to keep map control and deter him from moving onto a third. Don't suicide them, but don't be afraid to trade them to keep his army size lower. If you do roaches, you'll force them to make more tanks rather than Thors, which makes them more susceptible when you get to Broodlords.

I think Mutas into Broodlords is reasonable too though, particularly if he doesn't scout your tech choice and you get a lot of free damage in before he can get up enough anti-air.
what locke said... when i go mech its common that i forget aa, my ebay for turrets is usually late, especially if my scouting isnt up to par

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