Will This Run Starcraft 2?

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Hi i am just wondering if anyone knows about this computer brand Southeast Systems? Is it a good brand and can i trust it? And also will this pc run Starcraft on medium with 60+ fps? Any help will be appreciated. Here is the computer. http://www.amazon.com/Southeast-Systems%C2%AE-3-8Ghz-4100-Quad-Core/dp/B009MAAKQI/ref=wl_it_dp_o_pC_nS_nC?ie=UTF8&colid=CE5AS3Q65CW6&coliid=I50SGQ68KWC6Z
Will likely run on max at 60 fps.
is this a good trusted brand though?
help please
Strongly doubt that it wil run on max with 60 fps, and can you build your own?
Never heard of South east Systems, and also not sure how much you're paying for it...
I strongly advise you to build your own pc, and if not perhaps buy it off of cyberpower?
I don't know much about buying prebuilts.
It comes with AMD FX 4100, it's gonna struggle when lot of things are happening on the screen.
1000w power supply lol overkill.

What's your budget?
7770 is a good card, but even if your processor was a beast it would still struggle on max late-game, and in team games...

The real killer is the fx-4100. It's a no-go. My i3-2100 beats my friend's fx-6100 and we have matching GPUs.

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