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I've played constant team games and have yet to have this happen.
This is kind of a ridiculous assessment. Basically, you're stating that Blizzard doesn't take smurfing seriously because they can't monitor hundreds of thousands of players all the time and proactively jump down anyone's throat for "suspicious" activity. That's what the reporting system is for. If you tanked to get into Bronze and then destroy a Bronze League player and he checks your Match History and sees that you've lost your last 100 games and your highest league placement is like Diamond, then he can report you for cheating. This alerts Blizzard to your activity and they can respond, that's what the reporting system is for.

Expecting them to monitor every player all the time is an absurd expectation.

It would take a single Blizzard developer no more than a week to implement an automated smurfing warning system and subsequent review based ban system for those that persist in smurfing.

This is the type of 'stuff' that normal companies do on a regular basis. The problem is that it requires Blizzard to consider it seriously enough to warrant spending an internal budget on such a project. Clearly they don't.

The OP pointed out that Blizzard cannot even be bothered to address an issue of a player blatantly team killing, not even with the player calls himself 'backstabber'. That is the ultimate middle finger if you think about it.
Serious question from an inexperienced player: Is it really unequivocally written that players cannot betray their allies in so much that the owners of the game would ban them? Really?

For real, I want to know... Is it explicitly stated in some agreement?
hahaha, i used to use the name IMGonnaBackstab in comp stomps back in BW. everyone would be like "are you gonna backstab?" and i'd just tell em it was a joke. then they'd get all mad when i backstabbed and be like "omg i knew you were gonna BS!!" and im like REALLY? HOW?

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