Need a good build order.

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I want to know some build orders that are fairly easy to do (as in there are some flexible parts in the timing) and in which I can easily win against other players. Anything that anybody has can give would be helpful. Thank you!
i think 3gate robo is a must to learn its very versatile. use it in PvP and PvT.

See the build below. It will take you to ~ 30 supply. at this point based on scouting you want to either Expand + Forge > Colossus tech OR Attack OR Defend. IMO the most critical part of this build is the sentry and first immortal. It is ESSENTIAL to get them both out asap. The sentry FF to block ramp will save/win you many games of: fast 4gate, early marine + SCV rush etc (also the immortal is obviously very important against 4gate stalkers). On top of this you need to learn the FFE (Forge Fast expand) build against Zerg. this can lead to either Immortal Sentry all in vs max roaches or Colossus tech vs ling infestor, roach hydra, etc

3 Gate Robo

Day 9 discussion on progressing with 3gate robo -
Part 1

9/10 - Pylon (1)
13/18 - Gateway (1)
15/18 - Assimilator
16/18 - Pylon (2)
18/26 - Cybernetics Core
19/26 - Zealot
22/26 - Pylon (3)
23/26 - Stalker
@100% Cybernetics Core - Warpgate Research
25/34 - Assimilator (2)
26/34 - Gateway (2)
27/34 - Sentry
30/34 - Pylon (4)
30/34 - Gateway (3)
31/34 - Robotics Facility

FFE (PartinG Immortal Sentry all in)

I hope that helps
Its a good to get an idea of what a build is supposed to acheive and how to get their, rather than counting supply and numbers and hitting your marks, as you can get blown off your pace with any number of distractions or attacks.

Bread n butter 4 gate push. It just teaches solid mechanics, and is real simple, though not nearly as effective as it once was.

3 gate robo, good for PvT, PvP

Forge fast expand for PvZ
7-Gate All in for PvZ
10gate zealot dance party for PvZ
1 gate FE chargelots with templar rush in PvT (expanding terran)
Heinz 57 (1zealot, 1stalker, 1sentry, 1immortal all by 6 mins) which is a modified 3gate robo.

god, there are so many.

It largelty depends on what you scout, and what you can get away with when it comes to greed, and when you want to win.

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