Can someone explain why i got rolled?

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Zerg player here, gold level zvp replay.

Tried posting in the zerg forum but getting no reponse, so I decided to put it here as well because from my experience the toss forum is pretty helpful.

So, in this game i was behind in econ and army throughout the whole thing. What did the toss do that gave him the advantage? What could I have done differently?

Thanks in advance.
I prefer helping players that glhf, FYI.

That aside... your macro is really bad. You hatch first and he lets you, so you're lucky there. After that, life gets worse.
1. You build a geyser and mine gas you don't use until maybe 3 minutes later. This really hurts your economy. You compound it by continually floating ever more gas the entire game, about 3K when the game ends.
2. You get supply blocked at 20 and 28 supply
3. You don't use your larva to build drones. You max at 60 drones right before he attacks you at 16 minutes. You should have 70 supply by 8 minutes (mostly in drone or building drones). If not attacked, you can hit at 80+ drones by 10 minutes or so safely. It's even somewhat common to continue past that to drone to 100 before building a spine wall at 14-16 minutes and lowering back to 75 drones. Imagine yourself with 600-1200 minerals/min * 10 minutes more stuff: you're in much better position then.
4. You triple evo chamber, which is almost never a good idea if you have to actually build units sometime
5. You never get ling speed until you start it right before the end of the game, which is actually sort of ok because you never build lings. But if your had proper macro, you'd be floating minerals, and ling runbys and army padding would be really helpful.
6. With all that gas you floated, and with hive tech, you never got an ultra cavern or a spire. If you *are* going to store up gas, rush brood lords.

So basically your macro was really bad, his was less bad, and so he made a bunch of units and walked over you because he had minerals and tech and you didn't have minerals, units, or the right set of tech (just a ton of upgrades that don't help you).
My notes that I got from all this was pretty much on par with BlackAdder.

Your macro wasn't up to par, you missed Larva injects and you floated a lot of gas. Instead of getting gases as soon as base 3 and 4 it up just start collecting minerals. You can get them when you go into Infestors. On that note it's generally a good idea to start the Pathogen Glands research as soon as your Infestation Pit finishes. It's too good of an upgrade to not get.

3 Evolution Chamber is redundant, even if you wanted go roach/ling. You got overlord upgrades but never used them.

Finally, here's 2 builds that are pretty common vs Protoss is you are going for 3 Hatch styles:,_Double_Expand_(vs._Protoss)

And here's the 3 Hatch no gas broken down by Day9

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