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Welcome to Zarkun's Pizzeria and Arcade. Outside of Blizzard's Code of Conduct, I have three rules:

1. Don't shoot my games or my TVs. If you do, I'll feed you to some Mutalisks I caught the other day. Figured this would be the best way to deal with them. (No one will tell me what ShadowFury did to those roaches.)

2.Trolls will be burned to a crisp and thrown to the Mutalisks with extreme prejudice. I despise trolls.

3. My word is law. If I say no food fights, I mean no food fights.

Here's your menu:

Good old Pepperoni: What the name implies. Just choose your type of cheese.

Meat Lovers: Every kind of meat you can think of, and some you haven't. Choose your cheese.

Deep Space cheese: Why's it glowing?

Zergling Pie: Careful, it's prone to try to eat you!

Protoss Special: Not sure whats in the crust or on the pizza. Still trying to figure out why a Protoss made a pizza.

Mind Melter: Inspire by a drink from Zanon's bar. Not sure what the chef used, but it has similar affects as the Mind Shredder.

Custom: Take anything you can come up with and order it. If it's popular enough, I'll add it to the menu!

Flamethrower Wings: So hot, you'll really breath fire!

SuperNova Wings: Guess.

Cheese Sticks- Bread sticks topped with your choice of cheese.


Cheddar, Habenero Jack, Deep Space Cheese, Predatory Feeling, Whatever the chef used on the Mind Melter, Monterrey.


Pepperoni, Sausage, Bacon, Canadian Bacon, various other meats, zerglings, pineapple, olives, and various fruits and veggies from across the Koprulu sector.

I hang a sign out front. "Open for business...Again." Walking back in, I set to work making somme SuperNova wings and various pizzas.
I'll take a large pizza with Predatory Feeling cheese and every topping except pineapple and bacon. Could I also get onions and banana peppers on that?

OOH, you have Joust!
I nod, setting to work immediately. "Good to see you my good Roach. Want some wings with that pizza?"
Actually, yes, flamethrower please, and six liters of Dr. Pepper. Also add another identical pizza. Can I get that delivered to the chatroom?
So... This is just another bar?
I chuckle and pull out an instant assistant, setting him to work on the wings while I start the second pizza. "I'll see what I can do." I put the first one in the oven and set to work in earnest on the second. I then turn to Mark, continuing work on the pizza. "Not quite, but your choice to think what you will.

Oh, it's Markus. You weren't around during the period of the town, were you? It used to be that there were many PRP threads, such a gunstore, a candy shop, and a dance hall. Not to mention my Roach Warren.
What was their purpose, exactly?
Personal RolePlay. Don't you know what PRP stands for? The Bar was originally created as a place where random characters could come to get drinks while on break from acting in RPs. That was where the concept of the Bar persona originated: a character who exists outside of plots, yet within the Fourth Wall...
"To offer people more than drinks." I finish the second pizza just as the wings and first pizza are finished. I take the to KO's table then turn to Mark. "You ordering something?"
"Wait... An Idea is coming to me..." Then, just like that, a second bat comes and hits me on the head.

"OWWWEEEE!!" (Like jim carey)

"Can I open the gun store?" :D
"Wait... An Idea is coming to me..." Then, just like that, a second bat comes and hits me on the head.

"OWWWEEEE!!" (Like jim carey)

"Can I open the gun store?" :D
Morph already beat you to it.
Sure. Just dig up Jake's Guns & Steel thread if you want some inspiration. Just move quickly, others have their sights on that. You could say you were taking over Jake' shop since it's abandoned. I took over Thundercrash Enterprises while Thunder was gone, so...

The ONE time I go to ask instead of just doing it, it bites me in the butt. Story of my life.
"Sorry Mark I beat ya to it." I smile appearing behind him. "Now i'm off to work see y'all in like 5 hours."
"This platform does not understand the goal of this primitive device."
"Shut up, Legion."
*bonks Smylez on the head*

Usually a good whack'll get 'em workin'.

How long is my order going to take? It's been half an hour.
I sigh, shaking my head. "Morph just beat you to it. Could use a news station though." I point at the food in front of KO. "I gave it to you already. The other pizza's cheese is in the middle of attempting to eat the oven."

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