Zarkun's Pizzeria and Arcade

Joeyray's Bar
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I set to work on the pizza, Taedaris taking them their teas. "It'll be ready relatively soon, boys. Anything else?"
"I wanna see 'em try."
*One of them speaks up whiel I rest my eyes*
Yes, bring us some Flamethrower wings. We want to sample some of them.
Taedaris starts on the wings while I finish the pizza. "They'll be ready soon as well."
"Contaminated Wings please~" I give a large grin as I take my seat, leaning back and nearly feeling the infestation growing within it.
I sigh and bring out a batch. "There."
*The Gangster Squad ate their wings and pizza... Satisfied with the food... But there was one problem, who was their next hit going to be on? Tommies loaded with Explosive Rounds*
I turn into Borderland's Brick, and proceed to smash the table nearby into a million fragments. I then take all the fragments of wood, glue them together into a bat, break it over DA Chat's head, and proceed to beat the living !@#$ out of DA Chat.
I sigh. "You know, I keep an extra titanium bat in the back for just such an occasion."
I calm down for a moment, my physical form shifting back to a shadowy mist with a vaguely human shape held within. I turn to zarkun, and say "I would, but Brick has enough rage for a thousand men, and even that is pale comparing to the rage I'm feeling right now." I turn back to DA Chat, turning into Brick again and I let out a roar of rage, and begin to smash the crap out of DA Chat.
"The titanium one might last longer too."
I roar again, the words not understood, but I send a psionic message.
Believe me, Brick's fists have smashed just about everything. I'm sure he could punch through the hull of a Battlecruiser, if he wanted to.
I shrug, starting work on another set of samplers. "Up to you."
I eventually stop attacking, and turn back to normal. I go back to another seat, not before giving zarkun some money for the wrecked table. As I take a seat, I continue to wonder what I should do for my Cortex Roleplay faction.
"Thanks." I place the money in the register and continue baking.
Taedaris walks out front and hangs up a sign that reads:

I must apologize ahead of time for my abscence. One of my mining operations in another dimension requires my immediate attention. I will be gone for a bit and as such Taedaris is in charge.

Please note that the Zealot Elite are not to be messed with and he will not hesitate to turn trouble makers into Muta food.
My Illusion walks up to Taedaris. "Can I get an order of Flamethrower wings delivered to the bar please?"
"Of course, Terran. It will take but a few minutes to make." He sets to work, making the wings with the speed and deftness I have. "Tell me Terran, do you know any RPs that I might make an appearance in?"
"Hmm I would likely say Outbreak but I'm not sure. TTS maybe but that seems like all the Protoss are Nerazim. Reaper but as an antagonist. And the rest that I know of are 'Past' RPs."
He sighs, finishing the wings and stepping outside. "Curses. It should seem that I must wait a little longer. Although, perhaps this Outbreak is my lucky break."

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