Zarkun's Pizzeria and Arcade

Joeyray's Bar
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A hiss is heard in the background, as Athazaul agrees with his comment.
Taedaris returns and notes the Queen. "Would you like a Pie, Queen?"
She shakes her head, definitely not amused.
"Then what will you have?" Taedaris was trying his best to keep my terms of service, but he was Protoss, and she was Zerg.
I require nothing, for I am only here to inform upon my progress. She replies, and burrows underground.
I'm considering a name change, any suggestions? I think I still want to carry the tradition of MarkusDa(Something)
My illusion sets payment for my wings on the counter then turns to Markus. "Perhaps BadDM?"
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My illusion sets payment for my wings on the counter then turns to Markus. "Perhaps BadDM?"
Taedaris takes the money and sighs. "My boss will be back at some point in the near future. Perhaps he can help you upon return."
"yo taedaris do you have any pygalisk shanks?"
He shakes his head. "Only pizzeria related food items, brother. I apologize."
I stare at Darkra and unsheathe a large club with tendrils of energy curling off of it.
A psi blast from Taedaris' Psi-blaster destroys the club. "No threatening customers in the shop."
I reform the club. "I am not threatening. I am weighing my options here." I start weighing bricks with random words on them.
He watches SF closely and shakes his head, going into the back room to take inventory.
La la la la la
La la la la la

*Ze Gangster Squad is patrolling the streets for the Crazy Old Cat Lady*
The Merciful reappears in orbit above the Bar and I come down on a shuttle, nodding to CR and his squad as I remove the sign and walk in. "I'm back, b!tches."
Laura uncloaks in the seat next to Zarkun, slumped forward, and propped up on her elbow, groaning. She pulls out her handgun and loads it, placing it next to her head, and sighing, pulling the trigger and watching as her brains are shot out all over Mecha, and as she slumps forward and goes limp, the brain matter and the blood begins to crawl back towards the wound, eventually returning to her and closing the wound, causing her to twitch and sneeze, jolting her awake. Her gun lays next to her on the seat, and she picks it up and holsters it. She looks at Zarkun and leans back, looking a little bit dazed but still alert. "I'll have some Pizza, I suppose. Andy's drink shouldn't affect me... so I'd like to try it out as well... Just a glass of it, normal Cheese, nothing on it... please."
I nod and set to work, giving her her drink quickly and then focusing on the pizza. "Any side orders? I'm working on getting some cheesy bread sticks made."

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