Zarkun's Pizzeria and Arcade

Joeyray's Bar
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She nods happily. "Sure. Cheese Sticks sound good."
She seems to flicker in and out of existence quickly, blinking somewhere and back.
"The Credits are already in the register."
I nod and finish the pizza, putting it in the oven and starting on the cheese sticks. "You want a specific cheese?"
A lion like Elerian walks in. "Can I get 10000 meat lovers, 5000 vegetarian, 5 cheese pizzas, all with Cheddar and Monteray cheese, 20000 orders of Flamethrower wings and 20000 orders of Monteray cheese sticks please? All delivered to The vehicle and Warbeast store."
Multitudes of my Robotic assistants appear and set to work, while I stand at the register. "Morph realized that's a hefty order right?"
"Yep and he gave me this." The Elerian pulls out a massive pouch full of credits. (contains around 1m credits). "So how much does it cost?"
I review the order and sigh. "I'll just charge him six Imperial Tie Advanceds and call it even."
"OK I'll inform him unless you wish to do so yourself."
"You go ahead, we'll be busy."
"OK." The Elerian leaves to tell his boss about the payment and get back to his other duties.
A few minutes later the order is finished and delivered.
"Nah I'm fine with whatever cheese..."
I nod and just put on some Cheddar, putting them in the oven and checking the pizza. "They'll be ready about the same time."
I nod and think for a while, wondering and questioning why there was a gap in my memory again...
Both finish and I set them on the table. "There ya go."
I begin to eat slowly. It wasn't that I was full or anything... just... distracted.
I start eating a pizza that Zarkun doesn't recall anyone ordering, or making.
I shoot SF several times in the abdomen and chest and then punt him into the brick wall across the street. "Stop messing with my business."
"I'll take a sausage pizza please!" I ask, looking around. Spotting a pacman game in the corner I rush off to it.
I nod and set to work, listening to the sounds of heavy work being done in the basement.
After losing many games of Pacman before even getting to the second round, I put my tongue back in my mouth and wipe up the drool all over the game. I then perk up.

"Wait... what's going on in the basement?"

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