Zarkun's Pizzeria and Arcade

Joeyray's Bar
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I put the pizza in the oven and chuckle. "Nothing you need to know about."
I look around and try to spot a trap door or some stairs.

"Well... Maybe I don't need to know about... But..."
"Go into the basement and you will feel pain the likes of which is beyond human understanding."
With wide eyes and a gulp, I go back to pacman, hoping Zarkun drops it.
I hear the oven ding and get out the pizza. "Where you sittin' Mark?"
suddenly a drop pod crashes in through the ceiling and a MULE hobbles out with a sticky note on its face that reads:

" dear Zarkun. kinda busy right now so i'm just sending a deilivery call. i would like the usual... you know Zergling Pie with that nasty slice of deep space cheese on top. hope to see you soon

*I blast the Mule to smithereens. Everyone knows you can't make a pizza without the address*
You would've lost money on that deal, mate.
I chuckle. "The Merciful tracked it's trajectory. I know exactly where it's going." I set to work.
"Right over here, good sir!" I say, abandoning the game and sitting on the table, stuffing my tongue back in my mouth.
Taedaris comes over and sets down the pizza as I finish making Darkra's and put it in the special oven, the noise in the basement continuing.
Hmm.... Maybe I should get rid of my Arena for something that people will actually go to, perhaps?
another drop pod comes crashing through the ceiling and another MULE appears with another sticky on its head

" i knew CR would likely blow my first MULE into pieces. you probably triangulated my position already. here is the cost for roof repairs and the order"


in the robot's hand is a large sack full of credits
lol, that sounded funny :P

I'm thinking about opening a Deli :)

What do you guys think about me changing my name?
"You changing your name is up to you." I take the bag of credits and put them in the register, assistant bots beginning repairs.
Please answer my question.... Anyone? I ask if I should do something else than an Arena? It just doesn't seem to do anything. I'm actually losing customers.
"You have my vote. You gonna order anything?" Finishing Darkra's pizza, I send it his way.
I'm already taking it over as we speak. >:3
suddenly a wormhole opens up and my arm passes through and grabs the pizza and set it down on the table. my head pops through "yo! thanks for the order. should've thought of wormholes earlier"
"Surprised they managed to open. Of course, the shielding is down right now with the additions being made downstairs..."
i begin fighting with my Zergling pie, smashing it with a BANhammer while studying at the same time "hmm one astronomical unit is 150 000 000km and one light year is 10 trillion km....."

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